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Suitcase Diesel air heater

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China makes good stuff, China makes crap stuff, we are generally burn't by the NZ based importers buying cheap and our desire / need for a bargain. It is a re-run of Japan in the 1950's, 20 years late

Have you actually gone through the aliexpress dispute process? I have ordered hundreds of things through them and always got a refund when any issue arose. Not unusual for stuff to not be de

But do you know what you are getting?

Disturbingly cheap. I haven't worked out where the exhaust comes out though. You do not want that in the Cabin.

Another "I have no idea how they do it" kind of cheap unit to consider is this

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They have 2 nipples on bottom pointing down. Think could cut rectangle hole in a washboard and have it sitting outside in the cockpit. Beauty is no installation, just need 12v. I cant run ducting under furniture cos of tanks etc

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If you google "diesel heaters forum" you will find there is not a lot of difference between Espacher, wabasco et al and the Chinese clones

Planar about half price of the previous, chimese  ~10%.

They all suffer from same problems of incomplete combustion if not installed/ used correctly.

POD, exhaust & fittings mainly.Get a spare metering pump.

From my research.

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Both give optimistic fuel use/heat output.

The maths ain't difficult:   Lower calorific value of diesel is about 36.5 Mj/litre.

1 watt = 1 joule/second so for heat from 1 litre per hour  of diesel  =36500000 joules /3600 seconds = 10 kw

Claiming 5 kw for 0.1 litre/hr consumption is a bit of a stretch!


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I’m going to choose my words carefully and not mention any names in a negative sense to avoid getting into a legal stoush.... but let me say that having bought a brand new webasto heater 2yrs ago and getting it professionally installed I had problems - that we’re ultimately deemed to be partly a product failure and partly a service / installation failure. And the so called “warranty”?.... well let’s say the suppliers of said goods quietly stepped back and had no interest or capability to support a warranty claim here in Auckland. What I will say, is that if I was repeating things I would do it differently and I would buy my unit via the official NZ webasto distributor (HMB Marine Electrical in Half Moon Bay). When others fell by the wayside HMB stepped up and helped resolve the problem despite having not sold me the unit originally. In return for their impressive service support they get mentioned and recommended here for anyone considering a heater. 

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