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Ovlov charges...

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If anyone has a Volvo D1-13, D1-20, D1-30 apparently it's not uncommon to get a small oil leak from the throttle input shaft.

Ovlov will quote north of $1k to fix and insist on taking the whole front of the motor apart to remove timing cover.

I saw them and showed them schematics about an easier way that meant only undoing 1 nut and 4 bolts but when the mechanic went to the boat and after inspecting he said it couldn't be done without removing the timing cover.

At this point I told them I would do the jib myself! I have successfully completed the job in the way I always thought possible in a fraction of the time quoted by Ovlov.






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The value of what you have done  is more than the out of pocket cost.

Its knowing your engine better,  Knowing that often the charges for these kinds or repairs are "marine" ...Knowing that often there are other ways.

So often you will hear ...leave that to an expert... OK...but if you are in the middle of an ocean passage , you may not have access to said expert...Wouldn't it be better if YOU became that expert ?  ....I could say more...but the experts get upset..

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The entire NZ marine services industry never fails to disappoint me (and I have very low expectations). It’s lazy and traditional and ripe for disruption and it’s the kind of scenario that I work on fixing in other sectors on a global scale. The thing that keeps the current laggards safe is that the market is too small to make it worth the energy of working out and setting up a better business model. Maybe I’ll tackle it one day as a retirement project...

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