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SSANZ 2020 Lewmar Triple Series

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Race Report. Shimmer. Best Ssanz ever for Shimmer (not hard as this is our first season) perhaps the opposite experience to Deep Purple we are  racing my family caravan a 1980 timber Townson 34.

Was out on the water yesterday and saw Deep Purple racing in a bit of breeze. What a little rocket ship. So far ahead of the rest of the fleet they may as well have been in a seperate division.

Race report - Deep Purple Tough day at the office. North easterly of 25/35 knots, extremely rough and first mark 25 miles to windward was always going to be tough for a 25' 600kg traileryacht in

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Is the start line moving from the Northern Leading area this year? Easier for Westhaven boats?



  1. 8.1  Races will be started using RRS 26 with the warning signal made 5 (five) minutes before the starting signal.

  2. 8.2  The Start line will be in the Waitemata Harbour


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Under any level greater than one we were informed that the start had to be performed from on shore or with a very small crew from onboard a start boat.

Hence the Waitamata Harbour start line stated in the Notice of Race

Now we are in Level one and could end up in zero or even back in level two, it’s our intention to return to Northern Leading as this allows us to avoid shipping movements in the main channel 

Planning this event under uncertain levels has been challenging to say the least

The Sailing Instructions are not out yet as we want to get into as stable as possible position re Covid Levels. Sailing Instructions will take precedents over the NoR.

The major change that will effect all from previous years is the starting format, there will only be three starts now at 10 min intervals. The starts will be in reverse order from the past with small boats away first then Shorthaul followed by long haul last. The start line will be longer than previous with the SSANZ buoy laid mid way forming two starting areas (Alfa and Bravo) divisions/classes will be advised of there start area in the SIs.

The other significant change is the finish line will be moved from Orakei to Resolution Racing buoy. A decision on finishing the third race in Islington Bay will be made the week prior to this race.

These changes are being made to facilitate racing in a difficult time with less exposure and risk to all involved 

Please work with us to make this the great event it always has been.

Jon Henry 

Race Director 


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