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SSANZ 2020 Lewmar Triple Series

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Race Report. Shimmer. Best Ssanz ever for Shimmer (not hard as this is our first season) perhaps the opposite experience to Deep Purple we are  racing my family caravan a 1980 timber Townson 34.

Was out on the water yesterday and saw Deep Purple racing in a bit of breeze. What a little rocket ship. So far ahead of the rest of the fleet they may as well have been in a seperate division.

Race report - Deep Purple Tough day at the office. North easterly of 25/35 knots, extremely rough and first mark 25 miles to windward was always going to be tough for a 25' 600kg traileryacht in

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3 hours ago, ex Elly said:

Well, there is a good reason why faster boats usually start first.

Let's hope this reversed order, and mass starts doesn't cause too much carnage!  😄


So far 157 entries, 3 starts and only 2 crew onboard each boat??? Livestream and photos of the start line could be entertaining! 

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  1. The start line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the SSANZ Committee Boat and the Northern Leading Harbour Racing Buoy, with the SSANZ Buoy splitting the line to form 2 sections.
    Start Alpha (A) will be between the SSANZ Committee Boat and the laid SSANZ Buoy.
    Start Bravo (B) will be between the SSANZ Buoy and the Northern Leading Harbour Racing Buoy.

Interesting... My understanding from the above is the startline is between the Orange flag and Northern Leading Racing Buoy. The SSANZ buoy's only purpose being to split the divisions into Alpha and Bravo depending on which side they are to pass. I would ask for clarification at the briefing as this creates a few interesting scenarios...

1.) Best option for SSANZ but unlikely as very difficult to achieve...   The Orange Flag, SSANZ Buoy and Northern Leading Racing Buoy are in perfect alignment. No drama! Perfect!

2.) Worst option for SSANZ (In my opinion)...   The SSANZ Buoy is forward of the line between the Orange Flag and Northern Leading Buoy. This could lead to numerous boats at the SSANZ Buoy ends of their respective lines being behind the SSANZ Buoy but over the startline, competitors will be confused and grumpy if DSQ'd

3.) Likely option...  The SSANZ Buoy is behind the line between the Orange Flag and Northern Leading Buoy. This will encourage competitors to stay back behind the start but gives a few options that can be exploited by the sharper sailors. Potentially could sail past the SSANZ Buoy by boat lengths yet still be behind the start line. Could also potentially pass the SSANZ buoy on the correct side and then sail into the other part of the start (alpha to bravo or vice versa) although you would need to ensure you didn't infringe on other competitors in the process.

Alternatively my understanding as above could be completely wrong and the the lines are Orange Flag and SSANZ Buoy and SSANZ Buoy and Northern Leading Racing Buoy. In which case SSANZ will not be able to judge boats OCS on Startline Bravo from the Committee boat unless all 3 points along the startline are perfectly aligned therefore OCS calls will have to be made from a RIB at the Northern Leading Racing Buoy end...

Anyway I'm no longer involved in SSANZ and don't know what their intention or interpretation is... but highly recommend you seek clarification at the briefing if you intend maximising any advantage you can gain at the start!

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4 hours ago, Deep Purple said:

Be interesting to see at briefing if they can swap the start positions around. With a forecast northerly the "smaller" boats in each start are going to be totally run over by the caravans

Scrub that. I've been bumped up a division and need the windward pozzie

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What happened to T-Rex, entered and dropped off. Nice to see BooBoo and Damon back in a SR26. Are the two related? :-)

Massive fleet of big boats in the short course and cruising divisions. Also shows the proliferation of large imported boats these days.

Looks like the small and sporty boats are down on numbers this year. Not many trailer yachts, under 26', 780's, 930's, SR26's compared to what I remember in the past

Big numbers of S34's as usual, a lot of 1020's scattered in the divisions and Beale 33's

And Y88's and Piedys outstanding 

Any other observations?

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