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Totally protect the MAUI & HECTOR DOLPHINS

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MPI minister NASH said cameras must be installed by JUNE this year.Once again industry rules the nest and not happening.Time for NASH to grow balls and say "no cameras no going to sea"




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The fishing industry and  bureaucratic friends are infected with self interest & turpitude. 

When the cameras were aboard they circumvented the procedure.

While they are fishing the cameras must be rolling. 

Time stamped data to correlate.

If fishers aren't onboard 100% they lose the right to fish.

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Karl does live streaming of what is landed + whats in his cage.His trawl net thing is a first can see what he is catching and can release whats not requiered. Does live stream so customers can see his catch.He is not tied to the big boys.Has his own market.


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Brilliant thanks for that.

They should be made compulsory on all our large companies fishing trawlers . 

Great opportunity for national to include the cameras  in there fisheries policies.

Hope so.

Go the nz national party fishing policies.

Get the cameras installed.

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National is owned by the big fishing companies.The average kiwi wouldnt know what happens in the industry unless its a major accident and gets in the news.The average kiwi moans about the price but buys anyway..Fish are a out of sight out mind food,not farmed natural resource and there is only a limited amount of people who care/understand the destruction of our fisheries. So little public money available to those groups who advocate on our behalf.

As in previous threads what political party is going to upset the industry that donates to them??


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Reinstate the process for the Marlborough Sounds becoming a exclusive recreational fishing zone including 1 mile radius of D'urville Island  and French Pass

Whilst the National government was in office but the election came and labour became the government and it has been put in to hard basket leave for another day or buried via Winston

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