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Someone asked but I forget which thread so here it is.


We installed a 5kw model from LFBros in Christchurch.  Basically a ripoff   of the Eberspacher after the patent ran out. China.

All up installed and running with all the ancillary components about 2k and four days.

Installation was a bitch but boats are like that. Lots of scary holes through plywood to run the vents. It didn't help that my hole saws have found their way to my daughters's workshop. ( she is getting into building musical instruments). I bought a set from Bunnings that nearly drilled three holes before turning to shit.

The exhaust was a problem.  Lots of restrictions on where it can go. But eventually sorted. It runs inside the coamings with the pleasant side effect of warming the cockpit inside the oxygen tent. 

I initially tried to to tee into the diesel line to the engine , but the heater  pump wouldn't pull fuel from the tank in the keel. So a day  tank in the utillity room ( what you don't have a utility room?).

On initial start up was lots of smell and smoke causing lots of panic. But it was just the insulation around the exhaust.  After about 30 mins it settled down  


Been using it for 3 days now. Toasty and warm. It's a good idea to put something over the cabin sole as that stays cold. We used something like rubber underlay.  Works fine and cheap enough to bin in the spring.  I'm still fine tuning temperature settings and heat distribution, but overall pretty happy.

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2 hours ago, Black Panther said:

Probably tonight.  Last three nights i would get up in the  morning to pee, put the kettle on and light the heater. Then take Angela a cup of tea in bed and cuddle till the boat warmed up  

Not at all unpleasant. 

Amazing how many BTU’s a cuddle can generate for free.

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23 minutes ago, Island Time said:

So, a human at rest produces about 100w in heat. An active human can produce about 200w output, + the 100, so 300w. So depending on how "active" you are, it could be as much as 600w, or 2047BTU per hour :-) :-) :-) ...



Crikey makes you wonder why BP squandered 2k and four days plus countless hole saws when the obvious answer to central heating was laying next to him.

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