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Disagree with the left leaning. From where I am sitting it seems reasonably evenly spread between the irrational far right nutjobs and the sensible well ballanced and highly rational slightly left of

stop using 'emojis' and tell the poster that?

I think the best place for Seymour is at the end of one of his needles he has appointed for your Grandma.

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2 hours ago, erice said:

i hear people say ACT is far right

but a look at their policy page seems to put them to the left of obama's democrats, was he far right?




That is what I'm on about, Act was and should be Libertarain. Bugger all people have any idea what that means, let alone how to pronounce it. So, cause they are National's lap dog, they get pidgeon holes as off on the far right. I think that is where Rodney Hide took them with the big law and order BS.

I actually think Act has taken Nationals votes... And Labour have taken NZF's...

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2 hours ago, lateral said:

Is it just me, or has politics escaped from "only for the initiated"  thread?

It's alright Lateral, politics is still safely contained within Smalltalk. It will undergo a 14 day quarantine before emerging from smalltalk and transiting any other forums on the board.

And the good news is, with a certain member on holiday, it appears we can have a constructive, civil and interactive discussion in an adult matter exchange views and ideas, and possibly respect others point of view, even when in our (my) view they are plainly wrong... which is this crazy concept I always thought forums were for....

Long may it last.

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On 15/06/2020 at 9:54 PM, erice said:

a look at their policy page seems to put them to the left of obama's democrats, was he far right?

I would say that Obama was indeed on the right, pro-corporate, side of the US Dem party. 

On 16/06/2020 at 12:16 AM, erice said:

stop the left vs right nonsense and make the effort to understand the policies" 

Did he really write that? If so, I missed it. 

Agree with the sentiment however. 

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