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stop using 'emojis' and tell the poster that?

Disagree with the left leaning. From where I am sitting it seems reasonably evenly spread between the irrational far right nutjobs and the sensible well ballanced and highly rational slightly left of

Apparently you have used a lot of them.😉

Posted Images

Act have come out with some policies that are probably worth talking about. I don't necessarily agree with them, but I suspect a few around here will find them attractive.

Small govt. Very small govt. Stop paying for all the govt employees, reduce debt, reduce services, reduces taxes. This is the original "responsibility for self" platform of Act of old.

National and Labour look like they are having a love fest. Only very minor differences in their core policies. Not alot to differentiate them.

There is currently no meaningful discussion about what the country should look like and where we should go in the future, accept for Act, they are proposing something radically different.

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3 hours ago, Sabre said:

I thought it was generally when someone strongly disagreed with or disliked what you had posted. It tends to get used on highly controversial topics/thoughts/statements. 

Or they could just strongly dislike things in general..

Personally I'm suprised your very benign comment evoked such a strong dislike.

Agree. But how to differentiate between "you are right but i don't like it " and "i think you are wrong"?

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23 hours ago, Sabre said:

I see a couple of the lurkers are huge Act fans.

Can't quite understand why some people want to lurk around in the shadows of small talk giving thumbs down to people but don't contribute in anyway to the conversation... 

It's far safer to approve/disapprove via those ticky things than it is post here a lot of the time. You've seen how total nothing comments generate ridiculous huge over reaction pile ons. On a forum that is noticeably left leaning and a thread about a centre right party you'd have to be a bit of a masochist to post so for many their only way of showing support or displeasure is the ticky things.

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22 hours ago, Black Panther said:

I havent figured out what a downvote means. Do  they disagree or dislike? Me or the content of my post? Or something else?

On social media a LOT of people struggle with what others do and say. Also often due to not understanding what the other person is trying to say or get across. Maybe not properly understanding a posters actions can get taken as a negative and sometimes very personally. Some struggle with that so much the easiest way for them to stop that is to take very very bad actions. Suicide is a big one and self harm is even bigger.

If you don't know what the things are for then why the f*ck are you using them.

We have suspected for a while you don't understand your actions. You're just lucky the vast majority of your silly ticking is only seen as nothing more than pitiful. But one day you may just tick someone who doesn't.

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