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It has been bought to my attention that some of you think I have deleted the YNZ thread.

Although I did threaten to lock it due to the aggressive nature of some of the posts in this controversial thread, I did not delete it. It was removed by the original thread poster, which is the right of any thread starter on this site.

This site is a discussion forum. I realize that sometimes, some topics get people worked up. Please, be polite, respectful, and keep withing the site rules. Then we can have discussions that may actually do some good!

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A big thanks to all those who responded to my last posting and especially to the Club Commodores who responded either to me or to the Waikawa Boating Club directly offering their support on the issue.

An Open Letter to Yachting New Zealand’s Board Members, Club Commodores around NZ and anyone else who enjoys Yachting – Cruising or Racing. As a former Club Manager, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Ex

The post was about collecting and reporting personal data. If you want to start a thread about benefits or otherwise of associating with YNZ go for it, put your name to it. There was no discussion rel

So suddenly one of my clubs is getting a visit from the regional support officer, as predicted.

last time they visited same reason, club mentioned dropping affiliation. The club folded last time but since then YNZ has not improved, in our officers opinion, has become more Auckland performance orientated than ever.

"in 2019 there were approximately 1,530,000 New Zealand recreational boaties"

"The total number of recreational vessels owned in New Zealand is currently estimated to be about 960,000" mnz

YNZ Clubs have around 31000 members.

Dave could work from home, save a fortune in empire building, coaches could be spread around New Zealand, development officers could spread around diversifying the membership base and increasing it. 

If YNZ wants to survive by hauling out the advocate argument then go get some funding from the other boaties too, there are plenty more out there maybe "Boating New Zealand" would work better

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Unfortunately their (YNZ) focus is far too narrow. In my opinion this will not change with the current incumbents, they have a well paid sinecure that allow them to continue without regard to the wider sailing community, why? because they can. With yacht clubs being spread from the B.o.I. to Bluff there is not a great  chance of the bulk of "members" challenging the status quo. After all the Authority that they should be able to voice their concerns is the very one who isn't listening and appears to have no intention of doing so. Who, what, where is the body that audits organisations like YNZ ?

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49 minutes ago, harrytom said:

BOIGuy. Correct on YNZ levies coming from those who are members of clubs. I no longer belong to a club but have a vessel.What would I receive/benefit from by paying a levy to YNZ??

About the same as a club member who does not race - be they yacht or launch owners. 

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But no one was posting in the sailing threads. Little bit about SSANZ and some obnoxious yank.

The comments in your thread were very relevant to  discussions with YNZ going on right now. I had referred a number of our club officers to it as a source of information to assist them while talking to YNZ.

Deleting your post is not helping deal with the topic you started with, little bit of noise in the discussion but throwing the baby out with the bathwater isn't helping either. 

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So I'll have another go. What is it that YNZ does for it's fee (s) for the average out of Auckland yacht club member ? Leave out Olympic, Elite and high performance coaching and management. What is the arrangement if you belong to multiple clubs ? Do they get the same fee from each club? Is it time for amateur sailing to cut them loose and go back to yesteryear (NZYF) run by amateurs with occasional honorariums  like most class organisations function.

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I’ll repeat my position on Yachting New Zealand, I am very annoyed that I am paying a levy to them for every club that I am a member of. It’s not double dipping it’s triple dipping in my case, and for what exactly?

YNZ is devoted to three dinghy clubs on the north shore of Auckland. It’s all about getting opti mum kids into the Olympics, and getting some gongs.

They are the licensee for the racing rules of sailing and that is the only reason the clubs pay the money. 



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Things I know of that YNZ have done for my club / in my area (could be wrong, my memory isn’t great):

They ran a race management training course for interested members maybe 3 years ago

I think they have several times in the past sent someone to discuss rules at our annual skippers briefings, maybe 5 years since they did that

They have provided support for sorting out difficult protests, and run a course on running protest committees maybe 3 years ago that I know of.

As part of the sailing committee I discussed YNZ regulations regarding category limits in our area with our local YNZ guy, at some length. He’s a good guy and was really helpful. That was 2.5 years ago.

These things benefitted maybe 50 out of the 300some boats at the club. As for benefitting all members-

I think they did some type and quantity of advocacy regarding locations of new fish / mussel farms and the impact they would have on recreational boating if placed in popular bays - maybe 8 years ago now. 

Last I knew (a while ago), I believe the club membership was 300 some senior members, about 50 different boats race over a season. Club pays about $14,000/ year to YNZ. 

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