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I love point 4, the threat that if levies change service to member clubs will be reduced.

Really happy to receive half the service. Half of nothing is still nothing.

That's breathtakingly arrogant in my view.

I don't think the argument is about the fee as such, it's about who benefits from it, and that isn't local sailors.

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A big thanks to all those who responded to my last posting and especially to the Club Commodores who responded either to me or to the Waikawa Boating Club directly offering their support on the issue.

An Open Letter to Yachting New Zealand’s Board Members, Club Commodores around NZ and anyone else who enjoys Yachting – Cruising or Racing. As a former Club Manager, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Ex

The post was about collecting and reporting personal data. If you want to start a thread about benefits or otherwise of associating with YNZ go for it, put your name to it. There was no discussion rel

A big thanks to all those who responded to my last posting and especially to the Club Commodores who responded either to me or to the Waikawa Boating Club directly offering their support on the issue. It is now really obvious that this is a major issue and one the Board at Yachting NZ will do well to listen to.

Regarding the levy being paid multiple times by those who are a member of more than two clubs I would like to draw your attention to a motion that was passed at the Yachting NZ AGM back in 2017 moved and promoted by the Waikawa Boating Club:

The preamble was as follows: This motion is put forward to address Club members who belong to two or more affiliated clubs and currently included in the affiliation calculation. With the Club card membership information held by YNZ these members should be easily identifiable.

The motion was as follows: 3. Where on application from a member club, Yachting New Zealand will collect the affiliation levy once per individual belonging to two or more affiliated YNZ clubs.

While I stand to be corrected on this I don't believe that it has ever been given effect by either Clubs or Yachting NZ yet it would seem quite a simple matter to sort out.

Its a brave??? board that does not act on an Annual General Meeting Motion duly passed by the membership!

It is my belief that the Yachting NZ Board are elected to Represent the memberships views but we (the sailors)  have allowed them to adopt a mantel that Yachting NZ  dictate  to clubs and that is so wrong that it must be corrected as soon as possible. Send your Commodore to the next Yachting NZ AGM and ensure that your voice is heard and not snowballed by the top table.

For the good of our sport and to ensure clubs survive the Yachting NZ Board must make changes at the top and get back to basics!

My Club has adopted a position that will see our Club thrive in small town New Zealand  ....... not because of Yachting NZ but in spite of them!


Ian Michel

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Yep...the silence from YNZ is deafening. They ignore this thread and hope it will thus, go away. But whilst the rhetoric might do that the sore festers.  They must be really hurting financially with Covid consequences, maintaining the empire and losing this years expected income from the 5 ring circus. As an ordinary yacht club member making multiple contributions to their coffers I've yet to see any direct benefits. But our fees are their retainer. Great work (pun intended) if you can get it

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