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Wanted 100-200cc +/-

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WANTED a fun little commuter and you boaters have all manner of goodies stashed away in corners so think back 30 years, did you stick that XX away meaning too but never did....

Honda SL or XL 100, 125 ...maybe a 250. TS185, early RM or something long those lines that used to be referred to as trail bikes, these days I suppose they would be 'dual purpose'.

A old but in good nick scooter type thing is likely to be considered. Micro chopper maybe.

NOT some new wizz bang or post 2000 or big CC's I have enough of those now.

Dual purpose not critical as when ya try you can find this formula does work and work bloody well - a honda cub + cold 6 pack + dirt = a sh*t load of fun.

Something older with character. I have new and flashy which is nice but all the wizz-bangs are a bit wanky so lets go old school and basic is the plan.

Thinking 250cc max but open to anything quirky, cool or just fun.

Will be used as a city commuter so being able to hit a hundy kph would be handy for the bridge but not critical.

Love a good road trip so no problem if you're not close...as long as what you have is OK for me to fly in,  jump on and ride back to the Shore.... or as close as to being able sort of thing.

Not adverse to doing a bit of restoration but it needs to run while that happens.

So what ya got stashed?

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The TGS XL100 gang rides again :) :).  Hardly, most have been beaten into submission by WAGS, beer bellys or have been dulled by age.

My smaller bikes have gone north, a big Kawasaki is being traded on a Mule so it only leaves me one here and it's a bit special with a big motor so not the best commuter.

That SL125 I had was a awesome hill climber. I found one under cyclespot about a month ago but as much as i tried the dude didn't want to sell it, it was a minter. Same with a TS185.

I'm off to suss a Honda PS250. Never seen one before but i like the quirky.

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The GN250 and 125 are great learner bikes for sure but they lack character or any 'grab'. If I don't have grab I need performance and as this bike doesn't need performance I need grab, if that makes sense.

Going for a hoon on this tomorrow. A 250cc tank that will do 130kph as long as its downhill with a huge tailwind. If it goes bad I step off and when the bike stops rolling down the rode I pick it up and just carry on. And it has some nice 'quirk' installed.


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I have an Aprilla 125 cc 4 stroke scooter (retro style) I bought when I moved to Waiheke - must say it is brilliant at getting around - bring it over to Auck and is so nifty through traffic and will sit on 100 km/hr on the motorway plus being 4 stroke v economical. Been many a time when if I had been in a car or even a big bike I probably wouldnt have made it out to HMB Sealink in peak hour traffic in time. Plus with the case at the back plus being able to put a bag between your feet it is surprising what you can carry!


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Those Aprillas are going well but I suspect a few don't realise who now makes them, not that it should matter if they are going well as to do. I like the styling on their bigger roadie.

Went to give the Ruckus, the PS250, for a hoon but the key wouldn't turn. A slightly embarrassed team took it downstairs to sort it so I'll pop back later.

In real life it is a quirky for sure. I saw a pit bike of steroids that appears to be build more as a Mad Max battle wagon support vehicle than a urban commuter. It's got shocks in weird places, tie down points like you see on army transports, some very good cargo carrying spots and I'd think capability. I think I like it for it's 'work ute' like build but we'll see after I've had a hoon. Looks like 14" slightly wide wheels so drop on a set of Michelin Road 5's for their stickiness and give it arse.... ya hoo.

Picked up the Michelin Karoo 3's for the Duc. They will replace the current Pirelli Scorpion Trails fitted. Nice tyres which have been fine on dry gravel, grass etc but add any water and things go evil a little too fast, mind you they are 90/10's so not really made for hard core off seal. The Karoo 3's are 60/40's so let the fun begin.

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