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Wanted 100-200cc +/-

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your Northland patch roads should be slippery enough today to try them out, have a run to Waiotira and then back via the Paparoa /Oakley road. Should give you an idea of how good / bad / indifferent they are on metal and seal. At the end of it a bloody good ride no matter what the result.

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21 hours ago, Knot Me... maybe said:

Those Aprillas are going well but I suspect a few don't realise who now makes them, not that it should matter if they are going well as to do. I like the styling on their bigger roadie.

Went to give the Ruckus, the PS250, for a hoon but the key wouldn't turn. A slightly embarrassed team took it downstairs to sort it so I'll pop back later.

In real life it is a quirky for sure. I saw a pit bike of steroids that appears to be build more as a Mad Max battle wagon support vehicle than a urban commuter. It's got shocks in weird places, tie down points like you see on army transports, some very good cargo carrying spots and I'd think capability. I think I like it for it's 'work ute' like build but we'll see after I've had a hoon. Looks like 14" slightly wide wheels so drop on a set of Michelin Road 5's for their stickiness and give it arse.... ya hoo.

Picked up the Michelin Karoo 3's for the Duc. They will replace the current Pirelli Scorpion Trails fitted. Nice tyres which have been fine on dry gravel, grass etc but add any water and things go evil a little too fast, mind you they are 90/10's so not really made for hard core off seal. The Karoo 3's are 60/40's so let the fun begin.

12"rubber, 14" would be better, is there a later model?

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I'm Ducing it to the farm next week to meet the builders so I'd like to have the Karoo 3's on when I go but busy days so we'll see. 

Ah ha, you're right the 250 are only 12", bigger would be nicer but it is not much more than a scooter with the looks even a mother may struggle to love so not a biggie :)

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  • 1 month later...

We searched, we suss then we found so we did some shopping.

Left Auckland at 1 minute to 12 the other wednesday to Nelson. Picked up the new commuter then off to Wheels to see his new pool, it is HUGE and by the time he finished the deck it is going to be a awesome summer hangout. Said G'day and had a feed with him and Mrs Wheels before heading to Picton for a snore off. Onto the 8am ferry, got off in Welly at 12 and road the mighty beast home. Went up SH4 as  Desert Road is way to close to that white sh*t and the beast doesn't have much...any.. wind protection. Lots of fun on the gorge until the back started to get too loose so I tapered back a bit, the tyres have gone off. Gezz it was fecking cold at National Park but not to bad from there on. Welcomed back into Akl but a large Police and Prostitutes fancy dress party on the top of the Bombays, look like list of fun but on asking there was no bar, it was a dry even so bugger that back the highway I went. At that stage I knew all the cops in Alk were partying on the Bombays so it was throttle max open for the rest of the trip home and man does it fly....errrr, Na! I did see 118 on the GPS and think we have have tipped into the 120's but that was down hill :)

So nine hours and a sh*t load of hot chocolates, mainly to warm the paws, I arrived home on what is now known as 'The Flying Armchair'.

Wednesday she is getting Michelin race tyres fitted, some sticky buggers.

A Honda PS250. 250cc with a CTV gearbox so right hand is the twist throttle, the left hand has a lever which is front and back brakes at once plus it has a handbrake, that's it.

As FYI, from a crowd called Filco in Nelson. Only dealt with the twice and both times they have scored a 11 out of 10, something I've yet to award in Akl. I think it's just a case of Akl is a Anal shithole where the rest of NZ is more relaxed.

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This old girl is sitting in my shed. Had her about 30y now, I guess... I even rode her over Thompson's Track, many many moons ago. I guess I'll drag her out and freshen her up a little at some point. Photos are not great, but she's mostly complete, except for the saddle, speedo and tailight lens. Not for sale at this time, unfortunately, but still a contribution to the thread.



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Am I looking at a Honda SL125 there Doc???

If it is sell it to me for a 6 pack and quickly before you realise what it maybe worth, even in that state.

I dropped the Duc in for it's 1000km service the day after we got L4 parole and in the pile of bikes at the place was a very tidy SL125. As much as I tried they wouldn't sell it. I was talking to a mate who works in a bike bike shop last week and they had one turn up for a service. The shop owner offered the bike owner 3K for it but the offer got declined. They have become a very desirable bit of kit so if you ever do think about disposing of it do not just throw it in the bin.

Back in the day I had one that got a bit ruff so we dropped in a kit and made it a 144. It could damn near climb up vertical walls, probably could now with the better tyre technology. Awesome ride so I've been looking for anther one for ages now.

I currently have a $500 offer on a 1998 Suzuki TS185 in very mint condition. A 2 stroke screamer but near impossible to kill. If I score it for only 5 hundy I'll be a bit surprised but I have had some success throwing out silly offers so ya just never know.

Finally got the new tyres on the flying armchair this morning so I'll probably arse off it on the way home from the club this evening unless I can get some self-control happening to give them a more of a scrub first.

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3 hours ago, Thắt nút tôi ..... có thể said:

Am I looking at a Honda SL125 there Doc???

Actually an SL100, I believe even rarer than the 125, and the up-pipe model was even rarer I'm led to believe, only being sold in AUS/NZ? I saw a NOS replacement pipe on the inter-web for 1500...
This one has been bored out before my time to about 133cc (pretty much as far as one can go). But I've got a NOS Bore and piston/ring set to "restore" it.

I've gradually become aware of it's value in the last few years. I did have a CB550K3 + 2 spare motors parked next to it for many years in the Old Man's shed, but gave that away about 10 y ago to someone building a collection/museum. I was given the SL by my English teacher in 5th form. It was rust seized and had been "stored" under a hedge. I got her moving and eventually running as an enthusiastic 16y old - complementing my TS125. Added a mint A100 for $50 bucks at some stage.


Don't worry, I'll not be throwing this one in the bin.


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Ha, my 1st thought was XL100 looking at the motor but then SL and early XL were pretty much the same but the clincher was that exhaust is 100% SL all day long.

A SL100, holy crap hens teeth and possibly better to look after than your Kiwisaver :)

I talk SL125, you SL100. Then I talk TS185 and you pop in with the TS125..... that's a wee bit freaky.

One thing about SL and early XL's is there are 1000's fading away under trees and in back sheds so there are lots of parts out there, ya just gotta hunt them down.

After an extensive search last evening I can't find a SL or TS of any size for sale in NZ using the usually suspects. But I did ping Filco in Nelson to keep his eyes open next Japanese shopping trip. Dave there has a uncanny ability to find old bikes that are in mint condition and done feck all miles. The flying armchair is a 2007, is mint and has done 2500km of which 1400 were done by me over the last couple of weeks.

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