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muller walks, crusher to the rescue?

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i think muller probably couldn't sleep with his mind churning and eventually his wife said this has to stop

as he doesn't have a huge support network around him, putsch leaders have got to believe in themselves  

he/she/they wisely decided he had bitten off far, far more than he could chew 

and sort of txted his resignation and cut the phone lines...

basically a breakdown

i can't remember such a cock-up since the 13 months of taxi-arm-breaker mark latham in australia

Latham became leader too early in his career, he lacked the skills needed to deal with the webs of intrigue within his own party, he refused to massage the media and the advisers he did listen to were out of their depth against Howard's praetorian guard. But he had many qualities that were not only desirable and attractive but are in short supply in today's ALP. In other circumstances he could have developed into a formidable leader, even prime minister. As it is, he remains one of the great what-ifs

whataya say?

too many moths get drawn to the bright candle of politics

and flame out 

if bridges took over now he'd have to do a MOUNTAIN of work to overcome the late start, and have collins plotting at his back

if crusher took over now

same thing

maybe adams could do the jacinda thing, i don't want the job, but surround me with advisors so i can concentrate on the public image" 

and it'll work?

whatever happened to the luxton fellow? is his strategic plan to ride to the rescue in 2021?




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Judith has attracted my interest. The $31bn is over 10 years apparently and it will take that long IF she doesn't cancel the RMA gravy train. There will be a lot of very expensive consultants, lawyers

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You sound irritated. Did you not get your dose of Mike Hoskin today? I get my news from crew.org, its the only place to go isn't it?  Don't watch TV, don't listen to radio news. What is a ne

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1 minute ago, Sabre said:

Going on tbe initial noises she is making she is planning to continue the self entitled mantra of the National party.

One of her first comments..

 “take back our country from the current lot”.



She's a Neo Con racist Thatcher loving zealot, who hides behind the fact that her husband is Samoan, so how can she therefore be "racist".  Just an old, tired, unattractive Neo Con "trickle down economics" (AKA all the money for my Corporate Business Round Table buddies, and f**k everyone else) type of Politician that is completely unappealing to the majority of the current NZ Electorate.  In a paradox, she may get some votes back from ACT, which could actually have the opposite effect and hurt National- as National will definitely need some "friends" to form a coalition with to have a hope in hell of forming a Government.

Listening to a bit of media since the announcement, you can see the salivations from some of the right wing media types who think it is now "Game On".   I have a different opinion - I feel National may get even more of a hiding now come Sept. than they were going to get under Bridges or Muller.  

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Crusher is there cause she will work with Winston. Oh, and she is a recognisable name.

Brownlee, well, he likes pork ribs. They will make an odd looking couple on the billboards...

I can see National's base getting excited. But I also know true blue National supporters that can't stand her.

I would expect a descent opposition with her in charge. But that is all. She only has one party trick, that is to attack. Her role has always been the attack dog.

Will make an interesting comparison, Jacinda the Queen of empathy, Crusher, the attack dog. 

And what is that smell? It stinks, oh yeah, that is the wiff of dirty politics. Smears, like dog sh*t on your shoe. True blue National grubbiness. How close was Crusher to Cameron Slater?

Who was it that took out the SFO chief while he was investigating friends of Crusher? More murkiness and dodgy dealings than you could write a book about...

Edit, Good grief! I hadn't looked at this mornings headlines before posting the above. "We can crush the current govt", yeah, ok, that is pro-active in the middle of a global pandemic and major economic downturn. The school bully just arrived. Don't expect any actual policies, just populist rhetoric...

How many boy race cars actually got crushed in the end, 2? 3? Headline grabbing, with no substance.

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32 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

Thx for that Fish. My case rests. BTW who is mike Hoskins ?

No idea, some right wing fan boy that cried on TV when Labour formed a govt? (never listened to him myself).

My main point there armchair, is that magaman blames the fake news media/messenger when they get news they don't like as well. Unless you were trying to make some other point and it when over my head?

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No, haven't achieved a thing. But is NZ in a better place now?

Its subjective. Better place than our neighbours, better place than when they come into govt?

Have they achieved anything they said they would, have they achieved anything worth achieving?

Or do they go about governing in a palatable fashion. The CCCP achieves a significant amount... would that type of achievement in NZ be palatable?

Its subjective.

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