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muller walks, crusher to the rescue?

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On 15/07/2020 at 1:10 PM, Fish said:

The govt actually thinks about housing and poverty.

Now your turn, what did the Labour govt not achieve that you really really wanted them to achieve?

Do you really want me to start posting what they have achieved?  Thinking is not doing, smiling and emphasizing, is not changing stuff, wishful thinking is delusional.

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Judith has attracted my interest. The $31bn is over 10 years apparently and it will take that long IF she doesn't cancel the RMA gravy train. There will be a lot of very expensive consultants, lawyers

The rebuild of the National party should probably start with a meet and greet evening where they all stand up and introduce themselves to each other. Like hi, I'm Paul Goldsmith and I have no maori an

You sound irritated. Did you not get your dose of Mike Hoskin today? I get my news from crew.org, its the only place to go isn't it?  Don't watch TV, don't listen to radio news. What is a ne

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On 16/07/2020 at 11:49 AM, Fish said:

This is a good post Chariot. I understand this is a view a lot of people hold. And it aligns with the 'haven't achieved anything' narrative.

But the thing is, this govt has set out to:

Tackle child poverty

Tackle homelessness, and

Tacking housing.

The last government would not even admit there was a problem on any of those, and went as far as trying to hide or muddle the data on a number of examples.

Yes, Labour was dreaming on the 10,000 homes goal, but it was effective as a headline grabber. But the thing is, this govt have stated these as priorities, and have set out on a journey. It is near impossible to get much done in a 3 year election cycle, you only have 2 yrs 6 months before you start campaigning again... Maybe a 2nd term will help nail a few of these things?

But I would like to pull you up on the "Huge debt incurred for vote buying social policies". What were those?

Pre-covid, Grant Robertson had as much or more constraint on debt to GDP than National. In-fact he was starting to be criticised on it from some business commentators.

The covid debt is different, and yes that is big. Are you linking that to 'vote buying social policies?' But I honestly don't know what the alternative was. I would be keen to hear views on what else we could have done there?

I'm not trying to be argumentative here (I acknowledge it may look like it). I am genuinely interested in how other people view all of this.

actually it was 100,000 houses.

No point tackling something if your outcome is worse.  People get jailed for tackling stuff.

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I was wondering if rehab had hacked your account. But no, you've got some good one liners there.

I am seriously interested in what you think of Judith so far though. She has hit the ground running. She certainly looks more decisive, and faster talking than Jascinda.

I'm betting she will hook up with Winston First she has already nailed a few of Winston's key policies (dual carriageway to Whangarei, can the light rail thing). Judith could possibly well be the next PM of NZ. I will absolutely choke on my cornflakes if she does it by out spending Labour though...

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crusher + jerry are having their last run 


no one really wants the job of trying to rebuild a shattered party in 50? days

but because expectations are so low it shouldn't be impossible to exceed them and they may wrangle a middling result into opposition front bench for the next term 

however national has got a pretty solid grip on 1 in 3 votes in nz and if they can refocus the conversation from "the future of benefits" to "jobs for the future"

act pick up 4? seats and winnie and greens go down the gurgler, anything is possible

certainly the party needs some battle-hardened old hands to stay, as shown by muller's meltdown, noobs don't grok the pressure of being point for the modern media's 24/7 truth/hysteria blender  

how has she done so far? the mega roads proposal looks good, everyone in the north island is sick of getting bottled up anywhere within 3 hrs of auckland

This had a real nation-building vibe that implicitly homes in on a weakness of the Government: it has proven inept at building stuff: KiwiBuild and light rail in Auckland being the two key examples.

many in the provinces and the cities would rather see new roads that help them get to work, family and their products get to market than new social programs in the cities

most economists too, increased infrastructure spending is seemingly the surest way gov. can increase productivity 

something nz desperately needs to be able to pay back its borrowings

30 years down the track don't want to see huge asset sales to foreign entities because getting back to work was too distasteful for this generation  

and labour was worried enough to immediately send grant out to give it a good b!tchslapping


and labour know all about ghost rail projects

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Judith has attracted my interest. The $31bn is over 10 years apparently and it will take that long IF she doesn't cancel the RMA gravy train. There will be a lot of very expensive consultants, lawyers and Environment Court parasites put out of business. That in itself will on its own warrant a vote for her.John Key said during his reign that RMA was killing NZ but then he needed the Maori Party so he backed off. But then we may need ACT to keep JC on the straight and narrow. Certainly she's put National back on the radar & a lot of NZ1 voters from last time will go for her style. Winnie's a gonna... the rabbit he will pull out of the hat this time will be a stale marshmallow one left over from last Easter

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23 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

Judith has attracted my interest. 

Completely agree with the guts of your post Armchair, but here is the thing, she has actually attracted my attention as well.

In that I think I should take the time to assess their policies and actually consider voting that way. I'm sure a number around here think I'm a ravving lefty loony, but I also know what is good for the economy, and my employment. The last two National guys, I wouldn't even bother listening to. I believe marking and PR types call it 'cut through'. Getting someones attention amongst all the noise and twaddle bollocks.

The single fact that she has achieved cut through is a bigger step forward than you could imagine. Be very interesting to see the next proper pole. I think we have a real election on our hands now. I don't like a number of aspects of her, but what NZ needs desperately is a vision of the future, and a forward direction. I rather feel that Labour is starting to rely on their good handling of C19, well, that is in the past already...

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Maaaaate.. you guys are dreaming!

Due to her very long track record of lieing, bullying and intimadation, JC is about as popular as a fungal rash!

And supported by the hugely incompetent and bungling Brownelee I just can't see much changing for the Nats in the short term but hey I'm glad you are feeling positive.

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