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Problems with safety equipment

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I should clarify, some motorbike gear is definitely better than a lot of whats on offer at the chandlers, especially for casual racing and cruising.  I've got Musto offshore  but would use bike jackets and pants anytime locally.  

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Someones getting paid off big time to keep these on the market.

Found these articles, very informative, I think your right IT but apparently most clips on the market will do the same. You need to read all three to get the whole picture. Just read the last one if y

Posted Images

On 19/07/2020 at 10:18 AM, Clipper said:

The ‘inadequate clips’ are fine if used as intended.

100% correct. Anything used not as designed can fail unexpectedly.

Also which clips are they

These ones clip.jpg.fa0af9fe35db2b9105f84d93a98055b8.jpg or these ones clip.jpg.fa0af9fe35db2b9105f84d93a98055b8.jpg

Those hooks above just used as an example.

They may look identical but are they? Often they aren't. There are a LOT of products claiming to be something they aren't and a LOT of products that are bloody good visual knock-offs, note the word 'visual' as in look the same but do not perform the same. The industry is awash with them and a lot are being sold by 'names' in the game who should know better.

I would also suggest using some caution with Practical Sailor tests, make sure you suss the methodology very well and the products used in the test. PS has been pulled up too often for testing things in a manner that throws out wrong and bizarre results that are often worthless for real life end users. They have also had issues with recognising products and manufacturers correctly.

PS Testing is not a useless resource, far from it, but like most tests you do need to read the fine print to see how life like the tests are and/or if they will throw out a result that is of use in the real world. Also be cautious as to the products used, as it appears some here already have noticed, they haven't always got them right.

It wasn't that long ago a prominent winch manufacturer tested their products with the rode going straight off the bow then around a 90 degree corner then upwards and always with everything 100% dry. After a discussion the testing is done now exactly like it works on our boats i.e no right angle corners and with wet anchor warps.

I'm in with IT, I also don't think the 2 clips photoed side by side are the real deal Spinlocks.


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4 items all being sold in NZ right this moment.

1 - 8mm zinc plated steel joining link


2 - 6mm everyday chain commonly seen in the plastic buckets at M10, Bumblings etc (at a bullshit plus turbo price by the way)


3 - 10mm Stainless Steel joining link


4 - 12mm Polyprop 3 strand rope, that's the cheap floating sh*t I hope none of you have on bugger all bar your trailer tarps and maybe your dingy



List them in order of strength, strongest to weakest


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16 hours ago, Knot Me... maybe said:


"I would also suggest using some caution with Practical Sailor tests, make sure you suss the methodology very well and the products used in the test."       PA used this methodology:     Crossloaded over an edge (UIAA 121 type K) https://mproprovider.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/uiaa121_connectors01-2004.pdf  (see detail below)


"'I'm in with IT, I also don't think the 2 clips photoed side by side are the real deal SpinlocksI."    Agreed and I appologize; the picture I posted from the  UK governments MAIB report  is not the Spinlock clip, the MAIB seem to have made an error in choosing this picture (not PS)  HOWEVER>>> See picture of actual clip from the incident aboard the clipper ship. This image is from Robin Knox-Johnson) This clip was tested by PA and had the worst results of the bunch. I think this is significant and can't be discounted. Then; Look over the UIAA procedure tests carried out on the Spinlock and it is clear that this clip is the worst of the entire group tested. (Spinlock dealers touts this clip as being 50% lighter than the competition as a virtue) 


And finally; Here is a link to the full report on the incident aboard the Around The World Clipper Ship: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5d079e0240f0b609cab64d40/2019-7-CV30.pdf  This report takes allot of time to read but is rather illuminating on a range of issues that lead up to Simon's death. Simon was a watch leader, coxswain, and sail repairman aboard ship and he had formerly circumnavigated. There is allot to learn from the full report but - as these reports go - it's a long read.

UIAA 12-K.png

Clip that Robin Knox Johnson shows.png

Hook Testing By PS.png

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When your clipping on in the middle of the night during a gale to go forward to drop the storm Jib are you thinking

" gee this spinlock clip is nice and light, glad I paid a fortune for it, hope it holds"


"thank god I bought the Kong Clips, cheaper than those dodgy spinlock one too"

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Those test results are grim for Spinlock. 

Kong has a bigger opening and bearing surface and is thicker, between 1.65 to 10 x stronger, yet still lighter, rated to more standards, cheaper and easier to use 😮

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