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Best Trailer Gal?

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I’ve got a few rusty spots on my trailer to clean up (mostly under the plank used to walk on when retrieving). I figure a good grind back to good metal and then some primer/paint. What’s the best product to use for this? I want to do it once, so not worried about saving pennies. 


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Just done a trailer with Hammerite,its like a rubber type paint,lasts about 5yrs,galvinising today is done too light,I know galv is done by weight but it nevers seems to last like galv on trailers 20yrs ago.

Oh yeah the hammerite   https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/hammerite-metal-paint-750ml-silver-grey/p/360894

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I have done 2 boat trailers and works great,no sanding but wouldnt hurt to scuff rust,500ml goes along way.paint over any surface rust or not.gives a speckle finish.

nephew trailer 25yrs old gets lots of use and original galv holding up,friends trailer 5yr old and yep wheres the galv??did mine a few yrs ago and lasted 5yrs with no rust sign,just done my current trailer,so i expect at least 5 yrs as well.

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I built the trailer for my 26 ft trailer yacht from 125x 65 channel iron for 2 reasons:

1 the steel didn't cost me anything.

2 I had it shot blasted and zinc sprayed with the arc spray process. There is no dip bath in nelson so saved a trip to Christchurch too. Comparable cost.

I used to get stuff shot blasted and zinc sprayed for industrial outdoor steel work so i had practical experience with it. Its a great technique as long as you have open sections like channels. Done right its as good as dipping, but probably not for chain.

Thing is it would also be great for touch ups although the company that did my trailer had a minimum $100 charge.

I had heard that Hammerite was a shadow of its old self as original formulation components are now not able to be used. Is this true?

Engineering wisdom is that wire brushing and even needle gunning is not a substitute for proper shot blasting, and like all things to do with coatings its the surface preparation that counts!


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