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Westhaven Marina Users meeting tomorrow

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1 hour ago, armchairadmiral said:

It's all about supply and demand.

I'd say more control and money but using supply and demand as leverage. The council is a leftist one and like most leftists their desire is to control, to be everyone's Nana. There are definite angles in the battle which are about control, they want a lot more than they should be allowed and are legally allowed, not that abiding by the law seems to be high on their priorities.

The other is money. The city is beyond broke, if it was you or me the banks would have started the eviction and mortgagee sale process, so any coin from anywhere they will have a crack at. Westhaven is already a cash cow for them and they reckon they can bleed the rich white prick boat owners for a sh*t load more.

There is also the Panuku angle which would see all things marine related go entirely from around the marinas to be replaced with high priced apartments instead. That's their end game and those in Pine Harbour will see that's started already with the building out there, which is being built in contravention to some laws. The Council is assisting with that law breaking.

The list is extensive sadly.

We do not want to fight them all we want is a seat at the table when discussions and decisions are made that affect us all. Currently those who make all the calls do not have any skin in the game, none, so they do not have to live with their decisions......but you and I do.... and we have to pay for that pleasure. We'd also sort of like the laws of both Akl and NZ followed rather than ignored, something else that Panuku is not very good in doing.

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