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Clunks... What's going on here?

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Starting to like the idea of 1000Ah of 48V Li and a DC motor slapped on the top of the saildrive...

Something big that require revs / centrifugal force is the prop, and one blade sticking will obviously cause balance issues. I actually wondered if you had a bucket wrapped on the prop. If it was a sh

The thing is with Camshaft, Cranks, Chains, Cogs etc etc and any other solid mechanical timed mechanisms, if they fail in anyway, the issue is not intermittent. They all cause major and even catastrop

And hence why I am saying it is not engine. It is far too regular, yet outside anything that is cyclic on the engine. Engine faults are going to be either random or if regular, will have much higher repetition frequency to coincide with engine RPM. This fault is regular as stated at about every 12th rotation, but far too far apart repetition rate to be anything engine related. Only problem is, the Gearbox and sail drive is all geared far to fast for this as well.

Thought. Do you have an Alternator charge controller? Could something be electrically timed that it loads up ALT momentary and then trips out due to a fault and keeps trying to automatically reload again. How about a fridge compressor doing the same?
What ever the fault is, it seems to be timed to switch in and then trips out again every couple of seconds.


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I doubt it will be an alternator issue. Testing alternators with external regs sometimes requires briefly  full fielding the alternator, they don’t kick anything like that, not even on a single cylinder 10hp running at lower revs. Same for the fridge compressor, the go off to full on instantly on every engine that has one and this isn’t the result.

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There are  ways the engine could cause this problem - and i certainly don't know many of them but one possibility is the case hardening on one of  the camshaft's injector lobes failing and contaminating the roller and pin that actuate the actual injector - causing it to "run over a lump" (firing its cylinder early ) which would happen at a rate according to their relative diameters . Certainly left field but occasionally even an airliner falls out of the sky with some obscure left field fault.

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I would doubt that you are the first Wolwo owner to have that problem, Big companies are often slow off the mark with things that can / have come back to bite them.

A bit of perhaps, superfluous information, the Wolwo D-30 is a marinised Perkins 403D -11, as used in generators, small diggers, etc. etc.

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