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furlex type b parts

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Isn't that for the Type B? My Type C takes the 505-510. 

I recently got a new one from Toad Marine to try and see if it helped with my luff tape ripping out during windy hoists. It didn't.


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On 16/08/2020 at 3:13 PM, Young Entertainer said:

dont suppose you kept the old one,  i would be keen to "rent" it or buy the new one if you dont want it,  i am going to replace with a new furler so looking for something to last until then

I do have it ... somewhere... it doesn't have the thread inserts, turns out those are another part, guess an engineering shop could insert these?? - the link above has them included - if I can find it you are welcome to borrow it - I want to keep it as a spare...

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22 hours ago, Young Entertainer said:

i have decided to replace the whole lot so a bottle of Mt gay will probably get you all the parts you need,  should be getting removed mid september at Bucks.  send me a PM if interest with your number and i will give you a call

Could be interested in the foils if you changing up.  

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3 hours ago, Young Entertainer said:

Whole lot is coming out I was giving to a rigger who has always sorted me out for part but you can take what you want for a bottle of rum, if you need to check it out prior boat is at pine hrbour

Your coming out at Bucks?   Graingers Pt hardstand?   I'm on the haul out team there so likely to see you sometime.  If thats right do you have a date to come out yet?

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