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Wanted 1 x Y11

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Whose stolen the classifieds?

While the SAR team gear up, I have a mate wanting a Y11.

Who has got one they want to sell him?

He is very specific, don't know why as yet, but maybe open to boats as close as.

{edit} re-call the SAR team, found classifieds again. For some reason they only show up when approached at a certain angle.

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It's one of Akls oldest cemeteries and unless you have rallies in there you can jump in with it's now a closed shop. Just so happens I do have rallies in it, I can even see their headstones from our lounge....how that for a tight knit family, ya die and still there is no escape 😁😁

But the cemetery is that old I don't think people were called Ross back then. No idea why but I see Ross as a modern name not an old school one.

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I have a Y11 which I would be happy to see go to a good home.. It was formerly Diamond Knife  now Ruby Tuesday probable one of the best Y11s ever put together.  She has been in Asia for close to 30 years. It is in Thailand and can be returned to NZ on a SevenSeas mast up yacht transport ship late Sept early October. Very original needs top sides refinishing - has never been refinished above the waterline. Full  rebuild of Yanmar 3GM30  late 2019- less that 80 hours use. Image shows Kevlar sails - how has a main and no 1 in carbon from Windward. If interested send Whats app to +66 six oh 44 seven 5 eight 4.

Ruby IN Yachthaven Dec 2013.JPG


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