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Level 3 in Auckland

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Talkback callers to FoxNews Newstalk ZB this morning have been calling to just let the virus run free, and if you die you die. I don't normally listen to that alt-right talkback crapback on ZB, b

Its so easy to be an armchair critic - you don't have to take into account conflicting needs, the reality of balancing health and business and social and other interests.  You just have to blindly and

C'mon AA it was a move of sheer political genius to invent a global pandemic just in time for the election. 

Posted Images

fully expected it to be longer.    

As to the commercial cost, well, anything that interupts our passion for selling bits of tat we don't need to each other and calling it The Economy has got to be worthwhile in my book.

Historically small busines advice was that you needed to have reserves to carry yourself untrading for 4 to 6 months.  A lot of businesses these days can barely cover 4 to 6 weeks. 

What COVID has pointed out for me is the inherrent weaknesses in the business models operating in NZ and to some extent globally.  Regardless of lockdowns, many businesses will not survive COVID because the public are changing their spending patterns.  This is neither good or bad, it just is.  Businesses that relied on turnover of products that were essentially retail therapy will suffer.  Tourism and hospo will suffer (my industries!). 

But better, stronger businesses that meet the new economic reality will come through.

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yes, we need central planning 

just like soviets!

well not like the failed soviets, more like the modern chinese under chairman Xi

fortunately we have many tried and tested young socialists really to step up and plan everything for us!

don't worry about the money being wasted/spent/lost

there's not a cent gone that can't be stripped off the bourgeoisie  middle classes

to achieve the socialist workers paradise 

but first, and i can't stress this strongly enough

you need capital flight rules

took Xi awhile

but he got those rules through eventually


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dunno why people get so uptight about coordinated planning.

Failing businesses generally lack it.  Failed states generally lack it. 

The USA shows what happens when you don't plan at a federal level and just allow (requires?) states or even cities to do what they like. 

Of course, soviet style "central planning" failed.  It wasn't actually about planning, more about political control.

Even in the most feardriven capitalist nightmare NZ is far from that.  We are consistantly found to be in the top ten countries for ease of starting and running a business and the light-handed approach to economic management has been a feature of government policy through successive governments since 1986.

There is a strong argument that a lack of centralised planning and control has cost NZ both socially and economically, but that discussion lifts the lid on the crazybox a wee bit too wide for me to bother with.  YMMV

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a problem with central planning is the lack of appropriate local response

ie does great barrier need to be under level 3 lockdown?

because afaik, as part of auckland it is, while tokoroa, were there were cases is not



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1 hour ago, erice said:

a problem with central planning is the lack of appropriate local response

ie does great barrier need to be under level 3 lockdown?

because afaik, as part of auckland it is, while tokoroa, were there were cases is not



You confuse inflexiblity with centrality.  Granted the two are sometimes concurrent when centralised decisionmaking is badly run

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coordinated planning like the RMA?

no thank you

i prefer flexibility to vast inflexible overreaching plans that take forever to take apart

even when all are in agreement for the need


Today’s report noted that the median council processing fee for a non-notified consent was $2142 in 2018-19, the median processing fee for a consent with a hearing was $18,414. Neither of those figures includes a cent of the cost of planning and legal fees associated with consenting.

The process also takes too long. Just half of consents are granted within 31 working days, 34 per cent within 27-100 working days, and 16 per cent take more than 100 working days.

It’s also been argued that RMA entrenches the status quo by making it difficult to develop land, no matter how important that development might be.

Infrastructure New Zealand’s submission on the report said planning “lacks focus on strategic outcomes and is instead oriented towards minimising the impacts of physical development on other residents, activities and the environment”.


RMA reform is slow. There’s been consensus that serious reform needs to happen for at least a decade, but the RMA has survived nonetheless.

Parker knows reform will take time, although he hopes to have it done by the end of the next Parliament in 2023.


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You obviously have no idea how the RMA operates.  Its one of the least centralised pieces of planning legislation in the world which is why it has become so ineffective and so random.

You claim in one post that central planning problem is the "lack of appropriate local response" and then your next post bollockes the RMA - a legislative tool that devolves decisionm,aking to the nearest local authority.

Generously, you are uninformed and confused.  Less generously, you are just spouting action-cries from people you admire.

Possibly both.

Further confirmation that you seem to be here just to toss bombs.



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wider character assassination
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