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Most 'safety' rules are primarily for your own benefit. The lockdown rules are for the greater good, i.e. to bring a benefit to the wider society, but it only works if everyone does there bit. And tha

^contrary to popular opinion, its not all about you  

if its a numbers game regarding coastguard rescues of yachties then how about some numbers? I think it would be astonishingly small from my casual observation. Its a very weak argument, as the chances


Under level 3, Auckland boaties are reminded that all recreational water-based activities involving sailing boats, motorised craft or motorised equipment, are not permitted. This includes people wishing to sail into and out of the region.

Scuba diving is also not permitted. Kayaking, canoeing, rowing, surfing, wind surfing and paddle boarding are permitted, but it's recommend the Auckland public undertake these activities within 200 metres of shore and stay local.

Water-based activities that present a level of risk that could result in the need for search and rescue services, are discouraged.

Playgrounds, skate and bike parks are closed; people must stay off outdoor exercise equipment, away from basketball hoops and off park benches.

what a joke!

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so- again, if boats go out in pairs, that obviates the  need for search and rescue services. A bit of lateral thinking here, you could even suggest  no more than 2 nautical miles offshore. I wrote to the minister suggesting this, and got passed on to MBIE because the recipient refused to recognise that recreational boating is not a business.

Yachting NZ needs to go to bat for us here

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1 hour ago, Tamure said:

what a joke!


This is saying that surfing and windsurfing are safer than riding a bike at a bike park, or roller skating or scootering at a skate park. And where is the risk from a basket ball hoop? The risk is from groups congregating, which is already in the rules...

And, if surfing is permitted, Council has a different view, all the carparks at Muriwai are closed.

Surfing west coast can be rather dangerous. A friend has personally resuscitated 5 people on the west coast (she is a nurse and surfer). My surfing coach recently broke his ribs surfing at Muriwai... (think I might need a better coach)

The Orewa Bar is packed with surfers today, but we aren't allowed to go to Orewa Skate park... And does closed bike parks also mean cycleways are closed?

Now its time to fess up, I've been floating the rules. Went down to the skate park last night, had a great time, got some much needed fresh air and exercise. Apparently the police had been down earlier and cleared the place out. 


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