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looking forward to biden

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What a bunch of hypercritical history rewriting intolerant woke twats. Actually worse than that when AJ demonstrates such deep ignorance of his own countries history.

Yet again I called it correctly, a senile old corrupt racist won. Not to sure I like the idea of the US being headed by a proven war monger though, that's a bit scary especially when watching him

The media is horrendously left, even more in the US than in NZ*, and the total lack of balance it produces is behind most of the whole shitfight. * - according 2 studies by 2 Unis, one being Otag

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Just watched Biden's speech live at their Convention.

No fan of his, but I have to say he did pretty well.  Perhaps the bar is low these days, but he didn't stumble, mumble or talk about "The Thing" - could be a turning point in the race.  Trump is up against it at least.

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Like last election. These two are the best the USA can offer for President ? Man, the USA is stuffed. Trump will cream it....again . And another 4 years of Democrats bleating about Trump. Alan Bond was reported as saying something like ' don't be fooled by the Yanks just because they talk English.'  Like Labour /Greens here. They just want to feed off the system and money doesn't matter

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On 21/08/2020 at 4:34 PM, Knot Me... maybe said:

I didn't know until recently the Democrats loved slaves and so much they fought to the death to keep slavery going.

I can see why they like Biden in that case.

Yep, the Southern States all voted Democrat until Nixons successful "Southern Strategy" flipped the script.  
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy#:~:text=In American politics%2C the Southern,to racism against African Americans.

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