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looking forward to biden

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good to see biden get the win

wonder if he will try for 2 terms or hand to harris after 1

guess they'll be focus-grouping the answer for that!


the idea that extremists of the left + right share more in common with each other than they do with the centre is pretty widely held.....imho not in what they say but far more importantly in what they do............like shoot their own moderates for not being 'pure' enough

In political science and popular discourse,[1] the horseshoe theory asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble one another, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together.

As the political horseshoe theory attributed to Jean-Pierre Faye highlights, if we travel far-left enough, we find the very same sneering, nasty and reckless bully-boy tactics used by the far-right. The two extremes of the political spectrum end up meeting like a horseshoe, at the top, which to my mind symbolizes totalitarian control from above.

In their quest for ideological purity, Stalin and Hitler had more in common than modern neo-Nazis and far-left agitators would care to admit.


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What a bunch of hypercritical history rewriting intolerant woke twats. Actually worse than that when AJ demonstrates such deep ignorance of his own countries history.

Yet again I called it correctly, a senile old corrupt racist won. Not to sure I like the idea of the US being headed by a proven war monger though, that's a bit scary especially when watching him

The media is horrendously left, even more in the US than in NZ*, and the total lack of balance it produces is behind most of the whole shitfight. * - according 2 studies by 2 Unis, one being Otag

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On 9/11/2020 at 1:48 AM, erice said:

the idea that extremists of the left + right share more in common

Good post, and fair points to make. 

But the key is what is meant by "extremism" - very few American conservatives are Hitlerian aficionados; and Stalinist US lefties are even more rare. 

Though not any sort of authority on Aotearoa, I would venture that neither Jacinda or ACT/Nats are extremist in the sense of being wannabe authoritarians. 

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Yes, from where we stand the differences between our, and your, left and rights can seem vast

not so much in their soaring rhetoric, but in what they actually do

but from the point of history and the world they are merely leanings from the same point

national under key/english were to the left of the democrats under obama/biden 

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gotta get past what appears to be a coup d'etat underway engineered by the SoS, POTUS, VPOTUS, and the former House Majority Leader.

They are all clearly stating that they do not accept the result, and today they are going as far as saying that they are preparing for a second term of the Orange Trumpet. 

Even if they don't mean it and are just posturing (and its hard to know since they have pivoted from hard man to "just kidding" on an hourly basis for almost 4 years) it is signalling to the lunatics, and there are plenty of them in the country.  A violent transition is looking increasingly likely even if the violence is not military but civil.

In short, the country is on a path to civil unrest and potentially violence against political leaders. 

The US is now almost definitely a failed state.

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i wonder if that's why he sacked esper, the sec. of defense?

for suggesting the military wouldn't carry out the orders of a lame duck president if they involved domestic 'issues' resulting from said president refusing to leave office

Trump has had an uneasy relationship with the Pentagon, where Esper and top brass have repeatedly sought to avoid being seen as a political instrument of the Trump administration.

Esper’s predecessor, Jim Mattis, quit in 2018 over policy differences with Trump, including on Syria. Mattis in June criticized Trump as the “first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try.

Instead he tries to divide us.”


esper's #2 has just resigned in protest against a lame duck potus trying to appoint people loyal to him, as opposed to the nation, so now

Anthony Tata, a Trump loyalist, conspiracy theorist, and former Fox News contributor was appointed to serve in an interim role as the No. 2 official in the Pentagon’s powerful policy shop after his nomination to the undersecretary role was withdrawn over conspiratorial and Islamophobic comments. With Anderson’s ouster, Tata is now performing the duties of the top policy job, 

Tata’s nomination for the job foundered over the summer after he faced criticism from lawmakers for offensive and conspiratorial social media posts, including falsely claiming that former CIA Director John Brennan ordered the assassination of Trump via a coded message on social media. Tata apologized for his remarks in a letter to the leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Yet with Tata moving into the top job, he is expected to bring more loyalists along with him.


the generals will be getting very nervous about answering their phones...

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Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe has reiterated that the bureau had reason to believe in early 2017 that US President Donald Trump himself was a threat to national security, 

"It became pretty clear to us that he did not want us to continue investigating what the Russians had done," McCabe said, adding later, "we had many reasons at that point to believe that the president might himself pose a danger to national security and that he might have engaged in obstruction of justice, if the firing of the director and those other things were geared toward eliminating or stopping our investigation of Russian activity."


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8 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

In short, the country is on a path to civil unrest and potentially violence against political leaders. 

The US is now almost definitely a failed state.

Well, I hope that you are mistaken, and I will work in my own very small way so that such a thing does not happen. 

There are a lot of good people here in USA-landia. 

I'm sorta stuck with this place because AA could not sneak me into En Zed. 

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His days as US President might be numbered, but Donald Trump has come up with a sneaky way to maintain control in the years ahead.

Trump lost the November 3 vote to Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, receiving just 214 electoral college votes compared with Biden's 290.

To win a US election, a candidate must secure 270 electoral college votes to claim victory, and while three states – Alaska, Georgia and North Carolina – are still counting, they would not make a difference to the final result.

while Trump remains publicly defiant, he has also quietly established a leadership political action committee (PAC), a fundraising vehicle that could also allow him to retain control within the Republican Party – even once he leaves the White House.

Leadership PACS are legal groups that can accept donations of up to US$5000 ($7300) per year, per person, as well as cash from different PACs.

There is no limit on how much money can be spent helping candidates, and it can be spent on things such as travel, polling and staff.

According to The New York Times, the PAC – dubbed "Save America" – "would almost certainly be a vehicle by which Trump could retain influence in a party that has been remade largely in his image over the past four years".

And in Republican strategist Matt Gorman's view, Trump is "not going anywhere any time soon".

"He's going to insert himself in the national debate in a way that's unlike any of his predecessors," Gorman told the publication.



The person said Trump plans to keep fighting but understands it is going to be difficult. “He is all over the place. It changes from hour to hour,” the person said.


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Maryland Republican Governor, Larry Hogan, called on Mr Trump to either publicly release any evidence he has of voter fraud or to allow a smooth transition of power to Joe Biden.

"I think if the President and his team have real evidence of widespread voter fraud, they should come forward with it," he said during a recent news conference when asked about Mr Trump's legal claims.

"This is the way it works in America. We, we cast the votes, we count the votes, and we live with the results.

He added: "I think most people realise that this election is over."

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If it got to the point that Trump was still refusing to leave the White House at noon, January 20 then the Secret Service, usually tasked with protecting the President, would step in, one former US official and two experts told Newsweek.

"The Secret Service would escort him off, they would treat him like any old man who'd wandered on the property," a former official involved in the transition process between former President Barack Obama and Trump said.


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