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looking forward to biden

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What a bunch of hypercritical history rewriting intolerant woke twats. Actually worse than that when AJ demonstrates such deep ignorance of his own countries history.

Yet again I called it correctly, a senile old corrupt racist won. Not to sure I like the idea of the US being headed by a proven war monger though, that's a bit scary especially when watching him

The media is horrendously left, even more in the US than in NZ*, and the total lack of balance it produces is behind most of the whole shitfight. * - according 2 studies by 2 Unis, one being Otag

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leaving the sinking sh!t

A federal judge won't delay tomorrow's hearing on President Trump's lawsuit to overturn the election he lost in Pennsylvania because most of his lawyers quit. His remaining lawyer - who's also a radio host - will have to go it alone and is "expected to be prepared."


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Mr Trump’s doubt-sowing about the election has damaged Americans’ faith in their own institutions.

The most recent Economist/YouGov poll shows that 86% of Mr Trump’s voters believe Mr Biden’s victory to be illegitimate.

Mr Trump will leave office on January 20th, but the distrust he has sowed will not.


the rest of the english speaking world often ends up following where the usa leads

sadly nz? social media users seem to be looking for some coherent way to discredit our our elections


and like the usa, telling them they're stupid and/or ignoring them doesn't seem to work

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On 18/11/2020 at 2:27 PM, armchairadmiral said:

Good to hear from you again AJ. Things are not going to get better for you USAeans sadly. On reflection we could harbour you here as a charitable gesture to a fellow Creworgian. Perhaps a special give a little refugee sponsorship ?

I'm all over that - for sure, beam me up to Aotearoa; there's no intelligent life down here - well, not enough anyway. 

(But I understand that for a number of reasons, this will not happen - not least of which is that many of us USAeans are walking COVID vectors.)

Beam me up Scotty. (*Now Scotty, please!_LL) | Star trek, Star trek  universe, Star trek original series

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...his lawyers have repeatedly made elementary errors in those high-profile cases: misspelling “poll watcher” as “pole watcher,” forgetting the name of the presiding judge during a hearing, inadvertently filing a Michigan lawsuit before an obscure court in Washington and having to refile complaints after erasing entire arguments they're using to challenge results.

“The sloppiness just serves to underscore the lack of seriousness with which these claims are being brought,” said Rick Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine.

Experts have noted that Trump is not employing the Republican Party's top election lawyers, including those who represented the party in the Florida recount two decades ago.

Law firms have faced public pressure from Trump opponents not to fight the election on his behalf. Legal giant Porter Wright Morris & Arthur withdrew from a case in Pennsylvania last week.

Lawyers at the larger, more established firms that had been representing Trump have expressed concern privately about pushing a legal strategy without a body of evidence, and worry that it's wrongly furthering a false narrative that the election was fraudulent, according to two people familiar with the litigation.



Experts say Trump has almost no chance of reversing his loss.

“It's kind of a fallacy to say, well, Trump might be doing better if he had better lawyers,” Hasen said.

“Part of the reason he doesn't have good lawyers is he doesn't have good claims to bring.”


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