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looking forward to biden

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What a bunch of hypercritical history rewriting intolerant woke twats. Actually worse than that when AJ demonstrates such deep ignorance of his own countries history.

Yet again I called it correctly, a senile old corrupt racist won. Not to sure I like the idea of the US being headed by a proven war monger though, that's a bit scary especially when watching him

The media is horrendously left, even more in the US than in NZ*, and the total lack of balance it produces is behind most of the whole shitfight. * - according 2 studies by 2 Unis, one being Otag

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10 hours ago, armchairadmiral said:

Is it really that bad AJ or are the 80% just getting on with life....fishing,sailing working,footballing...etc....etc

Well, we USAeans are in a very big spike in infections right now . . my state (Ohio) has a number of tight restrictions. 

Right now, our hospitals are at over-capacity. The idea in flattening the curve is to slow down the rate of infections so that the health care system is not over-whelmed.  I think it is reasonable for the medicos to ask (demand?) that we be be very cautious, and try to postpone getting it as long as possible. Lots of hospitals are short-staffed because their own workers are infected. Lots of strain on them. 

Sailing was pretty darn good this year - single handing as I like to do is a great way to have fun while social distancing. Our Club managed to put together a truncated race program, as well as learn to sail - but they had to be very creative in order to get it done. 

What we seem to have learned so far - you don't get it from surfaces, disinfecting everything may not make much difference, most people get it not from work but from family and friends, restaurants are risky. 

I was only kidding before when I asked you to sneak me into Aotearoa, but now I'm serious.  

Here is some very good info  . . 



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getting real looney tunes in trump's alternate universe

Did the US Army raid Scytl's headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, to seize its computer servers? Is Dominion a software company founded by dead militant communist Hugo Chavez?

Qanon is convinced it happened. But, despite the suspect computer servers apparently being in a busy commercial precinct of Frankfurt, Germany, there's not even a hint it did.

No photos. No videos. No eyewitness accounts. No police, military or vandalism records.

The US Army says it didn't happen. It doesn't have the authority to act in such a way, anyway.

Scytl points out it doesn't have an office in Frankfurt. It's based in Barcelona. And that hasn't been raided, either.


Trump has seized on one apparent admission: "(There are) components in our products that come from China," a Dominion executive recently told US government hearings.

Those same hearings were told this was limited to the LED displays – a product not manufactured by the US.


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"The Republican Party is not going to be saved by hiding in a spider hole,"

said Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, during an appearance Sunday on CNN's State of the Union. Bolton is not among those who signed the statement.

"We need all of our leaders to come out and say, 'the election is over.'

We're not talking about an abstract right for Trump to use his legal remedies.

We've past that."


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