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Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage

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Yeah, just one more post, then one more reply, then one other reply. Oh, maybe a counter reply.

Wheels, have you removed your self imposed ban from Smalltalk yet?

Discussion of refugees etc, lets see, Technical talk, no. Cup talk? no, short talk? no, hmmm, cruise talk, nope. I can't work out where some back and for 'I'm physically disgusted' b refugee banter should go either... fairly sure its not in a marine talk thread on the North West passage.

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I've reported this post. Adopting the language of the extreme right to describe people who support the rule of law sets a dangerous precedent for this forum. 

I'm getting offended by the amount of offense being taken around here. No one is calling anyone a w^&#$@r, a c**t or a fuckwit, which would be highly offensive. The OP is ju

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20 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

None of it applies because the Canadian position is that the NW Passage are Canadian Internal Waterways and therefore are not subject to Article 18 at all. 

Ahem, now about that OP . . . 

I guess that explains why the Canadians claim the right to exclude US boats from their waters, not just anchoring, but sailing over them. 

But don't get me wrong, the USAean gummint is worse. 

Our continent could be witnessing the unraveling of 200 year old Rush-Bagot Treaty 


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