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1 hour ago, AJ Oliver said:

As an aside, hopefully not much thread drift . . . 

Boats, kayaks, bicycles etc are selling very well in the US 

People are apparently looking for non-close-up recreation. 

A good time to sell a boat here actually 

Sailing Clubs here are starting up regattas again - just without the cheek to jowl parties 

I can verify that in NZ as well, having purchased Mt bikes, paddle boards, surf boards and a wind surfer since the start of the first lockdown. All active recreation, permitted under all but L4, and can be done locally and safely.

As with any crises, there are normally equal parts risk and opportunity. Just depends what side of the ledger your own.

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They've still got tickets on sale this morning. I'm not keen to buy one though. No exhibitor maps available either. I understand its at the Cloud and Viaduct Harbour, what with TNZ taking over the other place. Would certainly have a disjointed feel to it.

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Have to laugh at this bollocks email



I am just following up to see if you are interested in acquiring the Attendees list of -


Auckland On Water Boat Show

08 - 11 Oct 2020

Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

Counts = 11,000


Each record of the list contains : Contact Name, Email Address, Phone No, Title, Company Name, URL/Website, City, Country, Zip code.

Let us know your thoughts, so that we can send you the cost and additional information.

Best Regards,

11,000 attended an event that was cancelled, really??

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