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Mediterranean/Greek style cruising. Are we in NZ missing out?

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5 hours ago, Knot Me... maybe said:

You can do that in the EU, in the UK, in the US, in Aussie and even in many Pac Islands.

Isn't much of the appeal NZ coastlines have due to them being a bit empty?

Also what damage would the infrastructure do to some of those places? It's not like sweeping a few rocks out the way and you don't need much imagination to know if you rolled a bulldozer on to Barrier just to make some 0.1%ers lives more convenient what sort of a sh*t storm it would create. 

We have Waiheke and that's fast becoming a weekend and wine infused shopping centre for the far from poor or those not doing it hard. I think keeping all those types confined in a smallish space like Waiheke is the best thing for NZ and the planet. Those that would prefer the likes of Med style cruzing, what in NZ is the equivalent of backpacking from the Sheraton to the Hilton,  do tend to have the wherewithal to buy a couple of air tickets making the Med less than 24hrs away.

Fair enough, the last thing I was thinking of (or wanting to see) is "breaking new ground" so to say in pristine bays to keep 0.01%ers happy. Rather, places that already have reasonable infrastructure - at least a wharf or a little village onshore.

Tryphena, Fitzroy, Bon accord, Tuts, Russel, Waiheke is already there etc...


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Marlborough sounds. Lochmara, furneax, punga Lodges all do this. 

Wouldn’t be waxing  to lyrical about things economic and Greeks. Sure things are going to get tight here but in Greece it’s been bad for a long time and will be even worse now. However as BP

One of the reasons we don't eat out as often as we used to is that the price difference between that and buying something special and cooking it at home has simply become too great. 

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