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It’s not often we have nautical news in the Capital, and when we do it‘s often sad and bad; yacht sinks, dog drowns, boat fire, paddle boarder carried out to Cook Strait etc. Well we have a nice little good news story today. For years now, opposite the East West Ferry terminal, in the centre of the city, has been moored the Sea Lion, a 26 metre, 100 tonne launch. For the last 15 years a home for the McIntosh family. 

A while ago the little ship appeared on Trade Me where Ian McIntosh had listed her, along with what I thought was a very honest account of her good, bad and ugly features and facilities. And there was/is much ugly, and much bad, without really very much good. My brother, resident in Napier, spotted her there. He’s a sucker for picking up and completing other people’s projects for a profit (but buying at a very cheap price). He wanted to know what I knew. And I confess to having been an admirer of Sea Lion for many years, But oh, the thought of ownership and maintenance, not so much as a dream but a vivid nightmare. We had a lively discussion. Some problems; where could she be lifted, how would she be moved there, what would she be worth if brought back to her prime. Would that even be possible, and what would a refurb cost?

Over the following weeks i heard of a handful of friends that went to see the launch. Whether of the mind as serious buyers, or as a pure boat porn voyeurs I know not.

I couldn’t for a moment imagine the boat being sold. She just has so very many faults, and the costs of repairs horrendous. I knew for certain if she did sell the price would be low.

Well Sea Lion did sell; and the price was low, very low. $5 just to confirm five dollars! Deal done happy seller, happy buyer.

Here’s a link to the article that appeared in Stuff a few days ago: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/122413627/wellingtons-sealion-now-ground-zero-to-set-sail-once-again

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