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Circumnavigating NZ.

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Yes.  He could of course do that in Napier, which would be almost impossible to sail into without perfect conditions, but he could easily dump his anchor and I'm sure someone would happily tow him in.  It just doesn't look to me as if he's in that sort of mood -- he would have done it into Wellington if he were.  Maybe he will be in Napier, or maybe he just decides another couple of days gets him home.

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He’s obviously in good spirits Single handed sailors seem always to be glass half full people  Heres his latest blog The call of the kea Tue Sep 15 2020 Sitting on a moorin

The Circle is complete Wed Oct 07 2020 At 1610 I crossed my outbound track, surging into Matiatia on a brisk Southwest wind. I rounded up in the lee of the headland, furling the genoa and

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Currently running goose winged up towards Sail Rock in 15 -20 SE. And to Chariot -  yes I have a four man life raft.

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Quick look at windyty and he’s got favourable winds for the next 24 to 36 hours

He’s possibly 48 hour off Napier then 6 days of either not much or strong head winds

If it was me I’d be heading for Napier, someone there will tow him in.

But if the motor needs to be rebuilt, as in out of boat to replace the shaft driving the pump, I’d think he will just keep sailing for Waiheke.

Time will tell

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I've enjoyed reading about his adventure but was worried about his abrupt course change south of Banks peninsula. It quite different reading a sailing story happening in real time.

What I'm curious about is how his electrics will last. He seems to have a lot of electronics and an auto pilot. I think he has a wind generator but in my limited experience they can be a pain in strong winds. He can't run his motor to charge his batteries, so will they last for another week plus?

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35 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

So glad he survived the night!  Must have been horrible.  

His major problem was caused by the furler malfunctioning.  Shows that you need a good furling system to survive 60 knots.

However the top boats in the Golden Globe Race all used furlers, except one.


As I understand it the furler rope came off the winch, allowing the genoa to unfurl, no problem with the furler just the cleat / jammer.

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Becalmed about 10 miles off Cape Palliser. It’s a bit frustrating really - I have had a fast - maybe a little too fast at times- run up the East Coast of the South Island from Bluff and now the wind just petered out and I’m left rolling around going nowhere.
On the other hand a bit of a rest is not a bad thing. The last three days I haven’t eaten much or slept very well it’s been so rough. I really feel like I had the stuffing kicked out of me by that last storm. Working on deck in those conditions takes so much concentration and physical exertion, just to move around, let alone do the tasks required. Combine that with lack of sleep and poor energy intake and I find myself today feeling weak and being forgetful and, well, a bit depressed by the fact I am not getting any closer to home.
Ah well,this too shall pass.

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Beating up the Wairarapa coast

Thu Oct 01 2020

I was woken at 0200 by the sound of the wind generator whirring happily away. Up on deck I could feel a steady breeze coming from the NW so I released the sheets and off we went through the starry night towards Cape Palliser. I figured the wind would probably die when we came into the lee of the cape and sure enough we were becalmed all morning. I have pretty much sailed into the centre of a high and it is going to be a bit of a challenge getting up the coast to East Cape.
With the sun out and time on my hands I pulled all the wet squabs out and arranged them artistically in the cockpit to dry. It may take some time.
I then sat in front of the engine and came up with a plan to rig up a spare bilge pump to supply cooling water. I have all the bits I need - hoses, hose clips, sealant, pump, container, wiring and switch - but I am not going to do it unless I get really desperate. Part of the challenge is the original pump runs in sync with the engine but my jury rigged system would have to be manually turned on after the engine has started and before it is shut down - otherwise I could back flood the exhaust and do some serious damage to the pistons by hydraulicing them.I can just see myself forgetting to switch off at the right moment.
Fortunately I was distracted from my desperate plan by the wind filling in from the NE. Right from where I want to go but I am happy for any kind of wind right now.

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