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Circumnavigating NZ.

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He’s obviously in good spirits Single handed sailors seem always to be glass half full people  Heres his latest blog The call of the kea Tue Sep 15 2020 Sitting on a moorin

The Circle is complete Wed Oct 07 2020 At 1610 I crossed my outbound track, surging into Matiatia on a brisk Southwest wind. I rounded up in the lee of the headland, furling the genoa and

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Currently running goose winged up towards Sail Rock in 15 -20 SE. And to Chariot -  yes I have a four man life raft.

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3 hours ago, Fish said:


Tracker says he's doing 2.9 knts @ 141 degs, but it s dated 14th.


The date follows UT (old GMT).  As I post this we are at 2335h UT so about to roll over to the 15th.

Getting that wrong was a common mistake back in the days of celestial nav.

[Edit to fix stupid stupid stupid spelling].

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Post from his tracker page

Land ho! The precipitous coastline of Fiordland emerges out of the cloud. I can just see the narrow steep walled entrance of Milford Sound up ahead. In about an hour I should make the outlying point and leave behind the equally precipitous blue mountains that are rearing up under my stern.

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Lived in Nelson for a few years, learned that Katabatic winds are common in any mountainous area. In simple terms all they are is cold air falling down a slope, some like the Bora in Croatia are intense others are mild, it all depends on the setup. Elevated snowy plateaus emptying into valleys that run to the sea, bound to get them.

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Well done! Would not have been a fun last few days. Tough time of year for a circumnav of NZ!

Not sure about "true" catabatic winds in the sounds, but I've had the masthead of Island Time in the water on a mooring in ship cove from a big downdraft off the hills...  Held us flat for a few seconds. No sail, just windage in the rig.

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