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I think SSANZ made a great call in dropping Ponui as a rounding mark. Yes it is doable but is it smart? SSANZ likes to set challenges and will often race in more breeze than other organisati

Im looking forward to it!

I think the Waikato Trailer Yacht Squadron used to race through there in the 100 miler race.  

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I was sussing that last night. Never been through there myself, even in the day light. Is it part of a competition for spot prizes at the prize giving? the most stylish stranding prize, or just a cerebral way to assess the fleet's ability at percussion hydrography?

At least there is a light right there to help with some basic pilotage. white and red sectors and all.

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1 hour ago, Black Panther said:

Too cryptic for me

The Endura race calls for the shorthaul and cruising fleet to round Ponui Island to port, meaning you have to go through the narrow channel on its southern end. It has a sandspit sticking into it. Race starts at 5:30 pm, so the fleet will go through in the dark.

Should be a good test of navigational skill and concentration whilst short handed, at night. I think there is a reasonable chance of at least someone getting it wrong. Only issue is there wont be many photos, cause of the time the fun is likely to occur.

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Navionics shows it at about 110 m wide for the 5 m contour, and a little over 200 m wide (230 m ish) depending on where you measure it, for the 2 m contour.

Should be fine, if its downwind. Would be amusing to watch boats trying to beat through there though. Shame its at night, that would be fun to watch.

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