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I think in daylight in reasonable conditions of course its doable, but in the dark with quite a few racers that  have not cruised the area i’m not sure its a particularly safe passage. The other considerations are no alternative route and if you happen to miss the tide gate, go home your race is over.

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"Now why do you want to go do a silly thing like that. It's impossible and it can't be done or people would be doing it all the time. If you do that you will surely die you dumbarse" said most people on the plant.

"Yeah so maybe it's not the easiest but if I back myself it is very doable and I can do it, I know I can. Beside its do that or the missus said I have to mow the bloody lawns and f*ck that. So I'm going to prepare knowing what's ahead and just do it"........ said Ed Hillary

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I think SSANZ made a great call in dropping Ponui as a rounding mark.

Yes it is doable but is it smart?

SSANZ likes to set challenges and will often race in more breeze than other organisations... but the issue with the passage south of Ponui is there is no ability for skippers to take a safer option ie wide rounding...  and puts the boats into a must do situation with limited searoom if they are to complete the race. 

Other races like RNZ / RNI you have the option to stay well away from rocks/islands letting the skipper/crew on how much searoom they require or are comfortable with.

Well done SSANZ 

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