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Point of failure....

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Having not had many  years of exposure to sailboats and the ritual  required to keep them seaworthy, occasionally

I have an epiphany that keeping that hole in ocean from closing in, requires not just good fortune.


Coming back from an awesome sail yesterday I was checking the stern gland and fixated on the plastic

tube going to the the back of it. 

OMG, that  that clear plastic grease tube goes direct via stern tube  to the ocean, does it not? And it has water in it.

The hull is +-25mm thick, yet I'm relying on a puny 1mm of plastic tubing to keep the ocean out?

If anything loose got caught in the plastic loop and yanked it out of the SG crox there is a mode of failure,

that could be avoided.

Copper tube, grease nipple,um........?

Dunno what the protocol is, but my seacocks are always closed when not in use.

Similar setup to mine except i have room to repack without removing flexiplate.



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Fortunately mine doesn’t have the hose clamps rather an angle plate that is part of the SG assembly bolted to hull. 
If mine does have a ball bearing non return valve it isn’t working as there is water in sections of the tube.

I run Ultra X packing which supposedly doesn’t need grease so may just cap the grease port.

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I wouldn't have thought this is a big issue. Its a packing gland yeah? the grease will stop the water flow, even out of the grease nipple. Just keep an eye on the general condition of it. Either that or upgrade the plastic pipe to something more robust. We had that steel flexi pipe going from the grease gun to the PG whe nwe had one. Changed out to a dripless set up now. Needs cooling water and plenty more pipes than that...

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