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Mainsail battens - Fibreglass v Carbon

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If you are looking for performance, ditch the full length battens. Get a new sail with one  full length top battens and the other 2 or 3 lowers just in the leech. On a 1020 you're not going to notice that much. If its sail handling then full length IMHO are better as they keep the sail tidier, any issues hoisting are something other than just weight.

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I have 35-ish years of experience of a fully battened mainsail (square top at that for the last 22 years) of about 30 sqm and I don't think the weight of the battens is what bothers you if you have problems hoisting your sail. I would take a look a at what I could do about friction. In my case it helps a lot to clean the luff grove of the mast. Batten pocket hardware and how the sailmaker positioned it relative to the bolt rope also plays a sigificant role.

All this assumes bolt rope in luff groove. Dirt and friction are factors regardless.


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