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Tracking overseas purchases

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I have brought a variety of small dia multi-strand fishing trace from Masons in MI USA, for my building project, a 1:24 scale of the Pride of Baltimore II.

Its been to Chicago and is now in Tokyo.

It a bit like an purchase I made from Melbourne last year, it got to Auckland than it went to Perth and back to Auckland.

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allow 10 days from usa to nz,not sure about the side trip though,our stuff has been held up by Auckland customs,

Got a car part from aussie 2 weeks ago ,ordered Monday shipped on Tuesday ,arrived NZ Tuesday night ana sat Auckland airport till friday when Fastway couriers delivered Monday afternoon,worth the wait,$1600 in NZ $350 from aussie including freight.    ECU car computer

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We got a anchor from the Spade factory in Tunisia. Due to covid no flights and it was in desperate need so it went by car then truck then a ferry to Sicily then car across Sicily to a ferry to another car to Rome onto a train to Milan where it got on a aircraft to London then swapped to one to LA then another to Sydney then to Chch and up to Akl on train. Only cost $7000....oh plus the anchor itself cost. 

The transport from Tunisia to Rome was all done by assorted relatives of a dude who worked in the factory. He jacked it all up unknown to us. How cool is that dude, he's been sent a bottle of Stolen Rum.

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