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Best AGM battery

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If the unit runs on pure Hydrogen gas, yep nothing holding you back at all. The question would be, how expensive would a bottle of Hydrogen be from BOC. And in fact, does BOC sell Hydrogen?
The only Fuel cell I know of that is able to be bought right now, uses Methanol for the Fuel. The Cell gets the Hydrogen directly from the methanol.

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My experience last 12 months tells me that is a recipe for disaster.... I had 4x big expensive AGMs fitted to my boat last year by a well known professional marine electrics company and they made

What type of boat are you building?   Money no object,  no question, Lithium titanate for any purpose.   Otherwise for a cruiser/liveaboard Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lead carbon from a reput

I guess one has to weigh up cost of hydrogen from BOC vs 60W of energy, as to it being worth it.
I haven't done much research into who has what in the way of Fuel Cells available yet. Been meaning to. I do know from reports I have read that there are several new designs on the tables, making them more efficient, having the cell last longer which has been an issue and having much higher output. I am sure many of these new ones will be available. They can now power a Truck and keep it efficient as well.

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(now) IG..

"Coal is everywhere."  quote...   so ?    Venereal disease is too..... dont mean its a good idea. 

So for the millionth time... coal is a finite resource... (that means it will run out) 

...and its not a good idea to burn it...(see another post somewhere) 

.....and there are some newer clever ways to produce hydrogen... .. 

    ......and for the billionth time.... yes making solar panels requires a percentage environmental cost....( just like you and me)  BUT its total  "cost" over its life time is far less than burning coal in a power station ..

...and finally sticking your head ...in the sand.....slows new and better technology.  Lead water pipes...asbestos insulation...need I go on ?

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