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Strategic voting against Greens

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Any far anything be it right, left, Peter, Paul or Mary would be a horror show. As it is now we have a distinct possibility we could end up single party and one chocker with ideology (some really

Greens just had a shot, blew it complete as far as I can see. No activists left, just woke ineffectives.

has anyone seen just how far to the right of centre labour actually sit? They’re a damn site closer to being capitalist fascists than they are militant communists.

What to do, who to vote for. Such a dilemma.

If Labour wins they wouldnt hesitate of putting us back to L4 in the event of another cluster break. I believe they didnt do it in Auckland being to close to election.

Nats offering tax cuts,no incentive to vote for as tax cuts means service cuts,hospitals,roading etc How do you pay for infrastructure?borrow

Act,Just do not like Seymour,wouldnt trust.

Nzf gone

Greens,Hmm have some wacky ideas but also some good.

Now I Should know the answer to this.Can you vote just for a party and not vote for a candidate?? Collins is my current MP and Labour are putting up Anahila Kanongata'a-Suisuiki ,she is currently a list MP for Tamiki Makoura and busy telling those local F/B how she is the serving MP for Papakura,pointed out to her.No you are merely a list MP not our elected MP and she got rather defensive and blocked me.

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In our unicamaral system, a single-party majority is not a great thing, a supermajority even worse.  Many still see the compromise involved in a proportional representation system as a weakness, but in reality its not.  Since MMP we have had well moderated and stable government.  Prior to MMP we had wild swings of direction.

It has happened more and more that the house votes cohesively.  With obvious and understandable exceptions most parliamentary business is now completed with very little "sturm und drang".

Once we lose the last vestiges of FPP that remains in people's heads (the largest party block must lead by default, small parties are holding govt to ransom, etc etc) our government will be freed from the faux-combative drama and will be able to function in the overall best interests of the country.

In that environment, its worth having the ACTs, Greens, United Futures, TOPs, etc.  They provide valid alternative points of view.  If they are waaaaay wide of the mark, the larger parties can (and do) collectively use their voting size to negate the madness.


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2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

 the larger parties can (and do) collectively use their voting size to negate the madness.

The last 3 years confirms that yet the last 3 years clearly shows it's quite wrong.

In these days of not been there, not done that professional politicians we desperately need to have a Govt made up of many parties to offset the fact most MPs are and will be muppets. There are also still too many boomers living and living in days long past who need to die off before the change needed can happen.

Look at what we have on offer -

Labour - Hanging it all on Jacindas covid press conferences and f*ck all else. Achievement record is not good. Obviously struggling big time for skills and talent as any party would who had to put Davies and Twyford in their top 4.

National - coming across exactly as Labour did going into the last election, trying hard, changing leaders too often and as cohesive as diarrhoea. No Jacinda  or Winston in the wings.

Greens - Co-headed by the smartest dumbarse in NZ and a right fruitloop. Shaw could have got them huge but got taken down by the happy clappies and terminally woke....and the co leader who appears to want the title of NZ most completely mad MP

ACT - One hard working MP whose hit a nerve and run with it against the odds and gaining a lot of cred for that but seen too much as a one man band. Could be very interesting to see what comes of them if they get a good handfull of MPs and the far larger resources that brings.

Winston 1st - Always a one man band and that one man decided Utu was the option he wanted, sadly his party followers disagree and will cane him for that. Shame really as Winston 1st has been a handy fuse at times over the last 3 years.

TOP - A interesting mob with some good idea but also some 'Ya have to be kidding' ones as well. Has no members with photography knowledge so specialises in billboards that make what are probably reasonably sane candidates look a little fruit loopy.....or getting a bit far ahead of the reefer referendum.

Maori Party - Policies all based on race and greed. When you're a minority that's a big call, I'd suggest too big for them to feature in sweet f*ck all.

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party -  an election they should gain on due to all the talk but I doubt they will.

Mana Movement - proved to be muppets when they hooked up with Kim dot fatfucker, even though at times Hone Honkeyhater does make some good and very valid points inbetween his racist outbursts.

New Conservatives - just about known well enough to rate as a 'Who?'

Advance New Zealand Party - Running with the science that proves the universe revolves around earth and earth is flat. While science did prove both of those were indeed 100% correct, many voters will tend not to agree with them.

Social Credit - They had something back in the day with Bruce but today they lack the resources to push thru the political curtin held up by the bigger parties.

The rest - The best ideas, the most drive and the most likely to be doing it 'for the public good' rather than the baubles so basically they are fucked and won't feature.

The neighbours Rooster - Loves shagging and looking after his harem but very loudly shouting how many shaggs he got the night before at 5am the following morning means he is about to meet Miss .223.... he'd be a wasted vote... but possibly good with orange.



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20 hours ago, Black Panther said:

If you were opposed to having Greens as part of the next government the best thing to do is vote Labour and hope they will be able to govern alone.

Why not look at these guys https://sustainablenz.org.nz/ if you're looking for an environment party without left or right affiliations.

The Labour Party cant deliver a pizza or a policy.



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Studying history and Social Credit isn't that what the present excuse for a Govt. is doing. ? Printing money and hoping . For what they are unable to say.  Labour says they'll dump the RMA  ---and replace it with what. Especially if they got the Geens in bed with them. Greens represent the threat to a stable NZ that Trump and Biden represent to the USA. Sadly it's come down to if you don't want the Greens you have to go Act / National. Thats the USA equivalent of Trump / Biden ?

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I don't think so. Labour will hand over NZ ----"to make a fairer NZ" or whatever their slogan says. That's a euphimism for drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator. With the assistance of Winnie and the Greens they've made a good start. And Imatuhoe will be the tip of a land grab iceberg...except they'll devise means to take the land without compensation. A Labour only Govt. will be a dictatorship of epic proportion.

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