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Strategic voting against Greens

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On 6/10/2020 at 2:59 PM, It Got said:

I'm confused, so who was it that reckoned the Sun revolved around the Earth, science or church?


And a supplementary ;)

Wasn't the church also science for a while back then?

Sussing suggests a dude called Ptolemy was the driver of everything revolves around the planet earth, he was a mathematician and astronomer, which I believe are more sciences than religion. He did have to fiddle the numbers a fair bit to get his theory to work but he did. This flawed view of the Universe was accepted for many centuries.

A dude often refered to as 'the grandfather of science' and studied under Plato, agreed with bloke Ptolemy. His name is Aristotle and he was so respected that these wrong views were taught for a very long time. But naughty Aristotle also had to fiddle the numbers a sh*t load to settle his science as well.

It was over 1000 years later dude Copernicus said 'Oui I'm calling bollocks to that' and went against both science and the Church by suggesting the earth revolved around the Sun. Interestingly reports have it Mr Copernicus and those that reckoned he was onto something were called by all, including science and the church, 'deniers'.... or back in that day they used the term Copernicans.

And those scallywags called Split Enz dared to suggest History doesn't repeat.

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Any far anything be it right, left, Peter, Paul or Mary would be a horror show. As it is now we have a distinct possibility we could end up single party and one chocker with ideology (some really

Greens just had a shot, blew it complete as far as I can see. No activists left, just woke ineffectives.

has anyone seen just how far to the right of centre labour actually sit? They’re a damn site closer to being capitalist fascists than they are militant communists.

I'm actually interested in which of the Greens' policies people find so frightening? 

Their wealth tax is misguided (ie, it's far too high) ... But a capital gains tax is only fair.


What are the other things that people are so frightened of?


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Here's their policy statement. No numbers but it's broadly inline with many EU countries. There's wealth tax here in Switzerland, also. about 0.1% on cash and assets above 100k. I'm generally not a fan of taxing wealth, because it discourages achievement and saving. I am a fan of taxing income and consumption.

D. Wealth Tax Policy Positions

12.7. Introduce a low-rate annual tax on net assets that exceed a certain threshold (assets below that threshold level would not be taxed). [So would likely exclude the family home.]

12.8. Ensure a wealth tax is designed to be as comprehensive as possible, while balancing the need for administrative efficiency. This means some low value assets could be excluded.

12.9. Consider progressive rates of wealth tax for higher rates of wealth. 

12.10. Investigate and implement the best ways of preventing avoidance/evasion of a wealth tax.

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. I'm generally not a fan of taxing wealth, because it discourages achievement and saving. 


I'm not even convinced this is true. Might pay to dig a little deeper.  Do the Swiss have a reputation for not saving or achieving? Or any other country with a wealth tax?

my ( unsubstantiated) theory is high achievers and the very wealthy aren't driven by the need for more money. 

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2 hours ago, Black Panther said:

I'm generally not a fan of taxing wealth, because it discourages achievement and saving. 

When applied to housing which has rocketed more through untaxed speculation a 1% tax over a 10 year period would represent 10% payable on a rise of 100% In value not really that punitive or discouraging.

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11 hours ago, Priscilla II said:

Yup us gas guzzling SUV driving residents in Ponceonby atoned for our environmental sins by voting Green.

Some interesting donations.


Find it surprising that the nats got so few large donations...

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58 minutes ago, DrWatson said:

Find it surprising that the nats got so few large donations...

Those are the donations that are declared...

As NZ First have been busted fraudulently hiding the identity of donors, the National Party have more than one mechanism to also hide the identity of donors. Don't forget that 4 individuals are facing SFO charges for hiding donations to the National Party.

That is before we get onto the apparently semi-legitimate use of the Waitemata Trust to funnel donations into National.

The fact of the mater is, its really hard to  do the bidding of vested interests, if everyone knows they have made sizeable donations to you...

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