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Trump has Covid

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Absolutely 100%, it's all in the manner it is done. What's the difference between Trump expressing glee at someone's plight and someone on Crew doing the same? Nothing, they are all vile nasty sa

You do understand that Trump assassinated a guy, as in with a bomb, blew him and several others up. In a country that had nothing to do with either trump or the assassinated guy. As far as anyone can

You are starting to appear very ignorant of what is actually going on, either that or you are trolling? So you want to compare deaths due to not delivering on a policy, to what Trump is doing? OK

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Damn, you bet me to it. But I was going to title the thread "There is a God"

Worst case, he hardly get sick, and goes around none stop about how the flu is worse.

Best case, he dies. 

One can only hope.

Not sure what happens to the election. The VP takes over if the pres is incapacitated. They can't really delay an election cause one guys is off sick can they? If he dies mid election, then does the VP get the top job? whats his name, the religious conservative, Tea Party man.

What if Trump dies before his nomination for the Supreme Court is approved?

So many questions, so little time.

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