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A Cup without spectators

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Well, there will be some, of course, but as things stand they'll all be locals, of limited benefit to the hotel, tourism, and hospitality industries. I would have expected, by now, to see some hint that those folks are pressing the government to give them a break and open the doors a crack, but a quick scan of the relevant websites turned up nothing. Waiting until after the election? Or is it Fortress New Zealand from now until eternity? Or am I missing some sort of groundswell? Seems to me that a lot of people must have been planning for a tourist windfall this spring and summer and now they ain't gonna get it. (Not that we would have been any help, what with living on the boat and shopping at New World, but still ....)

Personally, I'm resigned. Just bought a half face-cord of firewood and plan to cocoon from December to March with the laptop streaming race coverage while the winter howls outside.




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Races are 4pm till 6pm each afternoon. Usually a good breeze. It's going to be fantastic. 

I gave up on on-the-water watching in 2000 This event will be like the last one, pitched for TV. 

We had a great club evening in Whitianga with Jeremy Lomas and Clint Jones a few weeks ago. Clint owns Propspeed and developed and runs the camera boats. He had some great insights and ideas about how they will present the action. One of the biggest changes being the crews mostly out of sight - but they have that covered. He's pumped about it and all of us left feeling the same way.

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I remember the build up to SF and rich mans sport, not interested blah blah blah. Then when it happened interest went through the roof. I watched that one live, one day on the water the rest on Marina Green or thereabouts. Excellent atmosphere and better viewing from the shore.

Bermuda was fantastic TV, perhaps the visual sporting event visually I have seen.

For this one no idea if it will be worth watching on the water. They will have to keep the spectators a long way back for safety I guess.

Will they just use one race course come cup time? If they swap with little notice it will annoy a lot of shoreside punters.

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Courses will be setup at Midday. All but one will have 4 yachts marking the corners with long tubular orange inflatable socks hoisted up the rig. Spectators will not be allowed Inside this box. Also the whole area will have a 5 knot speed limit 

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