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A Cup without spectators

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3 hours ago, Above-the-Fold said:

But to my point... is there no pressure to find a roadmap that could let some tourists in for the event, in the hope of recouping at least some of the millions spent on it?



Its looking as though the only possibility there is some Aussies but  everyone else is most likely to be watching on international media. Probably the best outcome is that Team NZ retain the cup and rehost again in a relatively short period ie 2 years -hopefully by then the shambolic state of affairs that is currently downtown Auckland  may not be so embarrassing!

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I like that as a notion - but I'd add, all boats in a 'parc ferme' situation in NZ for the interim period. No alterations permitted, or if there are, every team is able to review/redesign a common component of the COR's choosing (i.e calling all teams calling all teams, there's a window of 8 weeks and you may alter your appendage/control system/thing-a- me whats it. Go for it and then submit design to ensure measurement is compliant) then it all gets wrapped up again.

And, come back again next winter for 12 weeks training, then hold another early summer pre regatta. say Nov 2021 followed by the  LV Cup in Feb(they still involved? I dunno but you know what I mean) then the match late March 22.

Dreams are free huh.

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