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51 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

Oh no. It's my worst nightmare come true.  But wait. It's all going to be OK. Jacinderella is going to "govern for all NZers"  That's a great assurance just like she promised when Winnie annointed her last election that she would have the most open honest and transparent Government.  Yeah right ! More like a reign than a govern and for a coronation present watch for a gift of Imatuhoe for starters .

Cost of National's rejected tax reduction - $4.7b over 16 months

Potential cost of Ihumatao deal - $40m, one off.

The voters roundly rejected the first.  Given the second is several orders of magnitude less, I'm picking that the majority would not have any big issue with it if it clears the path for all parties and resolves the issue.

BTW, its not a biggie to spell things correctly - its a marked sign of lack of respect to not even bother googling if you don't know the correct spelling.  It also says a lot about a person's position and predelictions and, possibly, education.

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ahhh NZ, what a breath of fresh air !!  With so much of the rest of the world being dictated too by aggressive , power obsessed, stupid old men.... So called leaders whose main interest is s

Well, while that may well be (appears to be) what he means, society has previously decided those under 18 are not sufficiently mature to make these decisions, the mentally deficient are not up to it,

I don't think that's what KM is saying at all.  KM is saying (maybe I'm wrong) that there is is some inherent unfairness when quite a large minority of the population are not able to vote - the m

12 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

Oh OK then. I can take it. We'll see who's crowing this time next year. Hard to rationalise some of voting patterns. National for constituency and Labour for party.  Ten bob each way?

Looking at the raw numbers last night I get the feeling that:

National voters PARTY vote migrated pretty equally proportionally to ACT and Labour.  I'm guessing that reflects the extreme ends of National's broad reach.

NZF voters left the fold.  I'm picking a handful went to National, but most are actually a bit more leftie in that they like thier social welfare, so I suspect the majority went to Labour.

The vote increased by almost 3%.  Commentary says this favours Labour who are a machine for getting the masses to the poll.

I suspect some National casual voters just didn't bother - the writing was on the wall, so why make the trip.

Electorates passed judgement on thier MP.  Gerry and Nick are a reflection of this - both past their prime and showing signs of flakeyness.  I'm Papakura and Judith would have got a hell of a fright at the reduction of her personal support in the electorate.  She's still very safe, but definitely lost ground.  I didn't see a National held electorate where the candidate bettered 2017 numbers - it may have happened but I missed it if it did.

Ultimately striking was the provincial losses - Selwyn, Whanganui, Nelson and huge slippage in Southland and over your way.  The provinces and farmers are trying to tell National something.

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National's chickens have well and truly come home to roost.  

I am very pleased NZ has overwelmingly rejected the toxic polarising style of politics that they decided to engage in.

The only way back for them now is if Labour monumentally stuffs up or they clean out half their caucus including JC and rebuild as a genuine team.

I suspect neither of those things will happen in the near to mid future so Labour are going to have a lot of breathing space.

Will that be a good or bad thing?

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People have short memories.  Labour was a basket case only 12 weeks before the 2017 election, then Jacinda captured the public imagination enough and the Nats stupidly ruled out NZF before knowing what the numbers were.

Anything can capture people's imagination at the time.  If Labour make only a half-hearted stab at change OR if they go rabid loony left they will be out in 2023 with only a little improvement needed by National and the right.

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I predicted some time back that Judith Collins would do worse in the election than bridges.

Doesn't seem that long ago that Mike Hosking and the rest of the toxic far right wing nut jobs on radio, were practically having orgasms on air when Judith was named leader.

Frankly, their optimism was proved to be a load of sh#t, which also accurately describes the National Party as a whole - a load of sh#t.

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