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Thinking ahead to Xmas - what tiller-pilot should Santa get me?

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Had both Simrad 32 and Raymarine 1000 and 2000.

Found no discernible difference between brands.

Tend to use the 2000 the most as it is the fastest.

The Ray 1000 has been swimming at least twice but it still works fine....much to everyones surprise.

The 32 died when a drunk fell on it bending it in half.

If you buy one new I'd consider some extra waterproofing, maybe by spraying a few coats of Soft Seal, or something like that but better, all over it. Water ingress does seem to be the most common killer of tiller pilots.

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If you seal it completely, that will kill it prematurely. The issue is both heat and cooling changing internal pressure, but also the volume change when the rod moves in and out. There is an internal rubber bellows/seal that moves to allow for this. If you seal it, it won’t move.

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