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Vendee Globe 2020

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Most of the links on the official website for the tracking map are broken. But you can find it here.

Wouldn't  you classify the new gen IMOCA boats as flying machines ? there is not much of the hull in contact with the water when they are at pace

shipping - traffic seperation scheme

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2 hours ago, Addem said:

Are these the same engineers who said “it’s strong enough” before?

the rapid changes in forces between the foil section and bow section on those foiling boats must be mental at 20knots. 

It must be a real head scratcher to model the load cases for these boats, there would be so many variables to account for. I would imagine the instantaneous loads from slamming into waves could at times be horrendous, like hitting the boat with an outsized sledge hammer.  Its amazing they last the distance at all, its a real tribute to the designers engineering skills.

Many years ago a colleague related a story whereby Boeing sales reps were touring the world visiting prospective customers for the  787 dreamliner. Since there was a lot of suspicion about an all carbon fibre airframe they took a sample piece of the fuselage on tour so they could show how strong it really was. Customers were given a sledge hammer and invited to hit the structure as hard as they liked. One asian airline had a giant who didn't say much but was there just to swing the hammer, apparently it just bounced off !  with a satisfying "ping"

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Watching the Frenchman's video,my understanding of what he said, is that since they fly so much, therefore the aerodynamics are different. I thought a foil designed for air is identical to one operating in water. What say you?

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