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Price for Davidson 28 1977

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1. When I started looking at yachts and had interactions with a few dealers I quickly formed the opinion that they made used car salesmen look like saints. Do not take their word as gospel on anything

What AA said.  If the more pricey boat has sails that are much better, motor & winches & fittings better, little or no water intrusion . .  And is in immediate sail-away condition as

I spent most of my working life presenting low offers. What i observed was silly low offers were less effective than "reasonable but a bit light". The silly offer would just piss the vendor off a

3 hours ago, Fogg said:

Boat maintenance roughly falls into 2 categories:

1. The essentials / fundamentals eg rig, structure, through-hull fittings, mission-critical systems like rudder engine anchoring etc

2. The extras eg running rigging, electrics, electronics, all the safety kit and all the nice to haves

#1 stuff makes the boat safe to use.

#2 stuff makes it nice to use - and this is the stuff a young family will mostly notice and appreciate.

From the description above it sounds like lots of the #2 has been recently done making it ready to step on and go. Which means your next few years maintenance budget will probably not need to go on replacing batteries and instruments and sails but instead on preserving the structural stuff.

A boat that presents well with lots of #2 stuff done well is usually indicative that the essential structural #1 has also been taken care of by a conscientious owner. BUT not always! In fact it can can sometimes be used as a smokescreen to hide neglected or problematic structural areas - I’ve seen a few boats like this over the years.

So in short, absolutely get the best survey you can to ensure no structural issues. And even if the boat presents well plan to spend ~10% purchase price on annual maintenance however good it looks today - it’s an approximate figure but after 30yrs of owning many different boats it’s a surprisingly reliable rule of thumb over a few years of ownership.


We just discussed while having lunch based on your feedback - that makes sense | thanks a lot! Do you think 25k are okay?

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We paid $14k for a 10m ply keeler at the start of lockdown with the view that international travel was stuffed for at least two years, maybe longer.

The purchase represented about the cost of our annual overseas snowboarding trip, so if we give the yacht away in three years, including mooring and operating costs it will have been cheaper than our usual annual non-lockdown summer holiday options.

If you are REALLY tight for budget, consider a 1/2 or 1/4 share option.  Otherwise, do what we did - work out the annualised cost and make your justificaiton.

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6 hours ago, John Doe said:

Thank you for the very useful information. Do you think 25k is appropriate?

Given the other D28 (full GRP) is only asking $18k - which means probably sell for ~$15k ish - I’d say yours is worth $20k max. But I’d start offering $17.5k.

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But on a less grouchy note, boats can be expensive toys, but don't have to be. And if you & the family get into sailing and the time out on the water, it may be the best money you spend in your lifetime.

Sailing, fishing, making some great friends out on the water, discovering awesome places that the average non boating Kiwi never sees.

The yacht is the last thing I'd give up,  

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Thirteen years ago I bought a D28, with friends as partners, it was $32k from memory, Yanmar , full GRP, great boat, three trips to Bay of Islands, very safe, capable family boat , with very young kids  on board 

We sold after 5 years use, got $25k I think. Replaced with 1020, which went from $70k to $52k after 5 years similar sailing use . So D28 dropped $7k over that time , 1020 dropped $18k same number of years . 

My advise, offer $17-19k, remember it’s easy to go “up” , but can’t go down so simply, Money talks, Cash SHOUTS ! 

As a former D28 owner, I really rate them  as safe fun family yachts , very capable


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18 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

As Jon says buy the one that specs up and pay the extra

What AA said. 

If the more pricey boat has sails that are much better, motor & winches & fittings better, little or no water intrusion . . 

And is in immediate sail-away condition as opposed to another that "needs a bit of work", 

it's easily worth $ 10K more. 

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