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Price for Davidson 28 1977

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I spent most of my working life presenting low offers. What i observed was silly low offers were less effective than "reasonable but a bit light".

The silly offer would just piss the vendor off and make the rest of the negotiations much harder  . I found it better to start near where you want to end up. Then when you get a counter offer (won't happen if you start too low) say " I love your boat and would pay that if I could, but this is all I have".

But what would I know. 

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1. When I started looking at yachts and had interactions with a few dealers I quickly formed the opinion that they made used car salesmen look like saints. Do not take their word as gospel on anything

What AA said.  If the more pricey boat has sails that are much better, motor & winches & fittings better, little or no water intrusion . .  And is in immediate sail-away condition as

I spent most of my working life presenting low offers. What i observed was silly low offers were less effective than "reasonable but a bit light". The silly offer would just piss the vendor off a

Thankyou BP. Insulting the seller with a cynically low offer is not a great way forward , especially when the object is worth the asking price.

We're used to seeing boats and cars and houses historically in a buyers market.

Here's an idea, houses are not at the moment. Cars are not at the moment, who would have expected a buoyant new and second hand car market.  And brokers are short of stock at the top end in the boat market.  We might be about to see some trickle down.

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the value of a new motor cannot be overstated,  i spent last christmas fighting an old motor because i could not get parts for it,  nothing actually wrong with it,  ran perfectly, had low hours etc then something broke an being an 1987 motor spare parts were nearly impossible to get and certainly didnt arrive the day after you needed them. Using replacement parts from other manufactures helped but didnt solve the mian issues

got rid of it in April, put a new one in and kissed goodbye to 30k but could not be happier.  probably added maybe 10k to the value of the boat if i am lucky but the peace of mind is priceless

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Another good point thanks YE. I need to do the same next year myself,  sick of chasing parts and paying usurous prices for a 30 year old motor.

I have a friend who bought a D 28 for 14 k a year ago, seems fine. But there's no way you get the OP boats inventory including a basically new motor for the extra 10 k. 

I'd negotiate a little perhaps based on inspection but also be prepared to just pay it and go sailing , job done. 

In the meantime there's other people who've looked at the same boat no doubt thinking coulda woulda shoulda in a few months.

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Quite a few of the glass D28's had osmosis, dare I say it they are known for it (with due apologies to D28 owners past and present). Osmosis is not the big bogeyman it once was but it would be worth enquiring if it has had any remedial treatment in that area. I know of a local all GRP one that sold this week for somewhere around 20k I think. All uup if the wooden top is mint,the engine has been upgraded, the sails, running and standing rigging are in good to very good condition and the accessories are good then 20K would seem good value to me.

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Buying any production yacht from the 80s era it will more than likely have the 80s motor,need new sails etc hence why you can pick them up for silly prices. Most have only 10hps and 10 is too small for d28.Sat along side Moari rock holding our in a sw blow and tide going out,not fun.

40 yrs on and the osmosis problem should of been discovered by now.

Buy a vessel for 20k more than likely need to spend 10k + so probably look at vessels with work thats been done for 35k.

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