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New Auckland Bylaws - have your say

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I have replied with this :   I want the speed limit decreased on several grounds which are set out in numbered paragraphs below. I am a frequent user of the Waitemata harbour and make these

100% correct but sadly the Akl Shitty Council has a very VERY solid track record of making the call they want then seeking 'consultation' in only places, manners and wordings that will come back sayin

Ahh, sign in. That's where I normally walk away.

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I'm used to reading long, poorly written Govt/Public documents but the "Nav Safety Findings" document is a whole new level of poorly written. It’s like they forgot to hit the spelling/grammar check when they finally finished the document. It’s so confusingly written, I'm not sure what they are asking for. They have gone overboard on useless statistics too.

I can't see the reasoning for increasing the 12kt harbour limit to 18kts is safer - 8knots would be the safer speed for reducing the massive wakes coming from the Gin Palaces.

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16 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

 Even with the current 12 knot limit, there are quite a few that exceed it. 


Almost had a collision with a very new 50ft launch last Sunday who thought it was acceptable to pass us at 12kts when he was 20m away from us. I motioned 5 knots and he motioned back 12kts - completely clueless about the rules. Can't wait for him to pass us at 18kts next time!

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