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New Auckland Bylaws - have your say

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I have replied with this :   I want the speed limit decreased on several grounds which are set out in numbered paragraphs below. I am a frequent user of the Waitemata harbour and make these

12 knots is probably the worst possible speed they could choose for generating wake... most big launches are trying to get over the hump and plane at this speed so generate the biggest waves. 18knots

Ahh, sign in. That's where I normally walk away.

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In case it helps, for the speed question where they ask you to give a reason for your response, this was my answer:

It’s a dangerously congested zone with many (unreported) near misses happening every week mainly between fast launches and slower vessels. 12kts keeps this just about manageable. 18kts increase risk unrealistically. It is the same as asking residents if a 50 km/h urban street if they support an increase to 80 km/h and asking them “why not?”. Just think about it!

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Note that consultation is open until 14 February 2021.

There is a LOT of information provided in the review report.  There is also a lot missing and key from this discussion is detail on which vessels and how many of them produce a more disruptive wake at 12 knots than at 18 knots.  There is also no clear comparative risk analysis ie is the risk of the increase in speed limit overall higher or lower than status quo.

I suggest that, if you are going to make a submission, you read the report and reference it in your response.  Govt wonks love that sort of thing, but it also may prompt further thought for you.


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